Stories From The Oldest Child: 20 Things They Were Able To Get Away With… Because They Were First

Most people assume that the eldest kid always has it the worst. The truth is that whether they like it or not, being firstborn means they are usually stuck with more responsibilities than their younger siblings. Parents expect firstborns to set an example to the younger ones, which also translates into higher standards for attitude and behaviors. Firstborns are also likely to have more responsibilities around the house and may even need to pitch in when it comes to looking after the younger siblings.

Despite the obvious drawbacks of being the firstborn, it still comes with plenty of advantages. These older siblings have all shared how being the oldest one worked to their advantage, and let them get away with things they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to. From convincing their younger siblings to do ridiculous things, to having their parents' unwavering trust on their side, these older siblings know how advantageous their placement in the family is. You’d be surprised to learn what these siblings could get away with just because they were born first!

Next time you complain about being the older one of your siblings, just remember all the ways it can actually be a benefit! Maybe being the oldest is better than being the youngest. But, no matter how you look at it, anything is still better than being the middle child!

20 The Monster Who’d Call Us

Stephanie* used to play an elaborate prank on her little sister anytime she’d be left to babysit her.

My mom worked night shifts, so she’d often leave me alone during evenings to watch my little sister. We’d often get really bored; so one time I came up with the brilliant plan to prank call my sister to add some drama to our night.

I used my cell phone to call the landline and did a creepy monster voice on the other end. My sister was only 6, so she believed straight away that a monster was outside waiting to eat us. Every time she’d tell our mom the monster phoned, she’d assume it was just her overactive imagination.”

19 The Halloween Candy Tax

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Nadine* came up with a clever way to get a portion of her sister’s Halloween candy.

The worst or best thing I ever got away with was convincing my little sister that she needed to give me some of her Halloween candy. I told her it was a ‘tax’ for being her big sister.

At first, she was skeptical, but since she was only 3 at the time, she went along with it. I always did it behind my parents’ backs so they wouldn’t know I was manipulating her. It went on until she was 8 and I felt bad, so I told her the tax had been revoked.

18 Driving Away In Style

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Shay* says that being the eldest child meant she got a new car when she got her license, whereas all her siblings had to use the used car when their turns came around.

I got a brand new car because I was the oldest kid! My parents wanted to buy a car that us kids could use to drive to school and our activities. Since I was the eldest, I was the first one to drive so I got the car when it was new.

It was another 4 years until my second eldest sibling got his license, and he hated that he didn’t get to enjoy a new car. The car was already 10 years old by the time my youngest sister got her license!

17 The Hula Dancers Will Raise Her

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Everly* admits she tried to ship her sister off to a different state when they first brought her home from the hospital.

There’s a 10-year age difference between my sister and I. I had a hard time adjusting when the new baby was brought home, so much so that I tried to ship her off to Hawaii.

I put a bunch of blankets and baby toys in a cardboard box and then labeled it ‘To: Hawaii’ and ‘From: Canada.’ I even included a note saying my sister’s name and explaining she was a nice baby, my family just didn’t need another kid when they had me.

I almost got so far as putting her into the box when my mom asked what I was doing, and then said no the baby can’t be shipped through the mail.

16 The (Fake) Adoption Story

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Saje* admits she was able to convince her brother that he was adopted, explaining that she was older and could remember these sorts of things!

I feel like everyone with younger siblings does this. But I told my brother that he was adopted when he was really young and he totally believed me.

I told him because I was older, I remember when our parents adopted him not had him at the hospital like other babies. I even made him believe there were no baby pictures of him when all I did was just hide them from our other family photos.

He went on believing this for a full year before confessing to our parents, who didn’t find it so funny.”

15 The Imaginary Friend Who Wouldn’t Go Away

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Bethany* says her parents tolerated her imaginary friend because she was the firstborn, but the same can’t be said about her siblings.

I had an imaginary friend for way longer than I should, and it’s all because I was the older child.

I evidently had trouble getting used to having a younger sibling, and my coping mechanism was to have an imaginary friend I got very attached to. I’d freak out if people wouldn’t acknowledge her presence. My parents say this lasted until I was 8 years old. My mom calls it a ‘nightmare’ time in her life.

Afterward, they put both of my sisters in child’s counseling when they first developed their own imaginary friends to make sure it didn’t last as long as mine.”

14 Dig Into Dirt and Worms

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Layla* admits she was once able to convince her brother that eating dirt is actually good for you!

I used to get away with telling my younger brother a ton of lies because he’d believe me simply because I was the older one. The best thing I ever told him was that eating dirt was healthy- so much so that, if you eat enough, you won’t ever have to eat vegetables ever again. The afternoon I told him he ate so much dirt I couldn’t keep track. When dinner came, he was already feeling sick and told my mom he didn’t have to eat because he had dirt for dinner.

He spent the next few hours puking everything out, and my mom never fully understood I was the reason he did that.

13 Beware Of Bridges

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Madison* once convinced her little brother that bridges were dangerous to drive on, and he was never able to convince to their parents she was the one who told him the hilarious lie.

I somehow convinced my younger brother that bridges were dangerous. Like, so dangerous that there was always a risk they’d collapse, as we’d drive over them. It would make him hysterical anytime we’d have to drive over one. He tried telling my parents what I told him, but because he was so young they believed me when I said I had no clue what he was talking about.

12 When In New York

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Aria* once convinced her sister to give her their entire suitcase space, which meant her sister had no clothes on their family vacation.

When I was 13, my family was taking a trip to New York for the first time. My parents told me and my sister we’d have to share a suitcase. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough space for all of my outfits, so I convinced her to let me have the whole suitcase myself by telling her we were packing her clothes in my mom’s suitcase. She was only 7, so she was easy to convince.

My parents didn’t realize what I’d done until we got there and my sister didn’t have any clothes to change into. She had to borrow my stuff the rest of the trip, which kind of ruined my outfit plans.”

11 Scream, Shout & Let It All Out

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Kelsey* says her mom gave in to all of her tantrums but learned differently when it came to her younger brother.

I had a hard time adjusting to being a big sister. Like, to the point where I’d throw huge fits in stores if they were buying something for my brother and not me. I quickly learned that I could get my way if I cried and screamed enough since my mom was so overwhelmed with having a newborn and cranky 3-year old. I scored so many toys through that method, and I carried on with it for years.

My mom hardened up by the time my brother was a toddler, and she never gave in to any of his tantrums since she learned from me.”

10 Teens Just Want To Have Fun

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Emma* admits she was the reason that her younger sister got a curfew when she hit her teenage years. The only reason Emma never had one was because she was the first child!

My sister and I have an 8-year gap between us. When I was a teenager, my parents didn’t feel the need to give me a curfew, so I had a lot more freedom than my sister when she got to be my age.

But I was the reason they ended up giving her a curfew because of how much partying and trouble I got into during high school. She always makes a point of how unfair the reasoning is… and she’s right!

9 Shopaholic In The Making

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Andrea* was allowed to hold onto the family credit card since she was the oldest, but it got her into a lot of hot water!

My parents thought it would be a good idea to give us kids a credit card in case of emergencies since we were responsible for getting ourselves home from school because our parents worked so much. Since I was the eldest, I was responsible for holding onto the card.

However, I totally took advantage of my power. There were a couple times I dragged my sister to the mall after school to buy a new outfit if I had a dance or date coming up. She’d be so annoyed that I’d buy whatever I wanted with the card but never let her spend anything.

But I only kept it up for a few months until my parents checked the credit card statement. Then they decided a credit card definitely wasn’t necessary.”

8 Moving On To Bigger Things

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Avery* says that she played the older sister card when convincing her parents to give her the basement bedroom over her sister, which meant she’d get her very own bedroom and bathroom!

My siblings and had had to share bedrooms until my middle sister suggested we turn the basement into another bedroom. At first, she thought she’d get it because it was her idea, but I convinced my parents to let me move in because I was the oldest and needed more privacy. Once they renovated the basement, it ended up having its own ensuite, too. My sister still hasn’t gotten over it!

7 I’ll Pay You In Chocolate

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Alana* learned that, with a little bit of chocolate, she could bribe her brother into saying she was babysitting him when she wasn’t.

I used to get away with leaving my younger brother alone for hours at a time. My mom used to make me watch my brother after school because she worked. If I wanted to go out with friends, I’d have to take him, too. I ended up learning I could bribe him with some chocolate to stay home watching TV while I went to the mall with friends.

As long as I was back before my mom was home, she’d be none the wiser. We did it for years before he began hanging out with his own friends.”

6 Charge It To The Card

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Carmen* recalls a time her sister’s eldest child tried to blame the younger one for something that was both of their ideas.

My sister’s eldest got away with a huge credit card bill by blaming it on her brother! Evidently, the kids were using an app on their iPad that requires you to buy tokens when you run out. They spent over $200 charging the tokens to my sister’s credit card. She didn’t’ realize it until she got her bill at the end of the month.

When she confronted the kids, her youngest admitted it and then the eldest tried to convince her it was on their sibling. It was only a few days later when she discovered the truth because the eldest one felt too guilty keeping it a secret.”

5 An Overactive Imagination

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Stella* admits her parents have double standards when it comes to her and her sisters’ behavior.

When I was really young, I was super shy of new people, so I used to growl and hiss at strangers. My parents told people I was pretending to be an animal. They always played it off as being cute, and to this day still, tell the story like it’s an adorable memory.

However, by the time my sisters were born, my mom wasn’t in the mood to take anything from anyone. She’d scold them if they forgot to say please or thank you. I don’t want to know what she would have done if they would have growled at people. Being the older kids has its perks.

4 Learned From My Mistakes

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Sarah* says that her parents were more lenient with her when it came to going out with friends, but they learned from her mistakes and became stricter with her younger siblings. Even Sarah knows her siblings got the short end of the straw!

I always got away with going out partying as a teen because I was the oldest. My parents used to be super relaxed, but then they went through me getting in trouble a dozen times in high school. I think it made them nervous, so they cracked down on my younger siblings, gave them curfews and monitored their Internet usage. I feel kind of sorry for them.

3 The VIP Treatment

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Lucy* says her mom would always excuse her from household chores because she was the older one and had other responsibilities.

My mom always said I didn’t have to do household chores when I was a teenager because I was the eldest. She’d make my younger brothers do things like the dishes and vacuum. When they’d complain I never had to, my mom would say it’s because I’m older and have to focus on school and getting into college.

But even when my brothers got into high school, she still made them do chores. I don’t really know why I got so lucky!

2 Art Is In The Eye of The Beholder

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Rose* once got away with blaming her wall art on her younger sister!

One time my mom told my sister and I that we couldn’t have any paper to draw on because it was almost time for dinner. I was so angry that I told my sister, who was only 2 at the time to join me in drawing on the wall.

We covered the whole wall in permanent marker. My mom was so mad out when she saw what we did, I lied and said that it was only my sister who did it. For some reason, my mom believed me, and only she got in trouble.”

1 Don’t Take It For Granted

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Mariam* admits she was lucky being the older sibling because her family could afford to send her to sports and activities, but they can’t do the same for her younger brother nowadays.

My parents waited 12 years between me and my brother. When I was growing up, we had a lot more money, so we could afford to send me to sports and other activities.

But we aren’t as wealthy now that he’s a teen. My parents told him to get a part-time job if he wanted to do extracurriculars. I try to pay for as much of his activities as I can to make up for it because it’s not really fair.”

* Names have been changed.

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