Store Bans Christmas Decorations Until After Respect Is Paid To Troops

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For many people, the countdown to Christmas is serious business – and begins early. Just as soon as Halloween is over, the next day Christmas decorations magically pop up in retail stores.

Doesn’t it seem magical that stores seem instantly adorned with Christmas decor right on November 1st? Some people are overly excited to begin shopping for the holidays, and welcome the quick turnaround of Halloween hype to Christmas joy.

Others, on the other hand, have a problem with retail stores donning Christmas decorations before Veteran’s Day. One store in Canada has banned all holiday decor until November 11th is over.

Bigway Foods in Manitoba, Canada, made the decision to keep their shelves bare until Remembrance Day (the holiday in Canada) has passed. Instead of Christmas decorations on the shelves, a sign hangs with the words, "Lest We Forget."

"We want to respect our veterans," store manager Ginette Maynard told CBC News. "I think it's very important. I mean some of [these veterans] gave their lives for us, they went to war for our country and for ourselves, you know."

Some shoppers have even brought photos of their loved ones who were in the military to hang on the empty shelves in its place.

"People [have] started bringing in their stories," Maynard explained. "They have pictures of ... their uncles and their grandparents and their parents themselves, and they have stories behind it and it's pretty interesting."

The idea was suggested by one of the store's employees, whose grandfather fought in the Second World, in 2015. Customers in the small village of St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba, seem to agree with Bigway Foods and have applauded their decision to hold back on selling any Christmas-related products.

Christmas preparations are already two months long; waiting until after Veteran’s Day shouldn’t be considered a big ask – or is it? Is decorating too early seen as a sign of disrespect?

While Christmas is an important holiday, it shouldn't take away from honoring veterans. There is still plenty of time to play Christmas music, and decorate with Christmas trees. Isn’t six weeks of Christmas enough?

Others disagree, and believe we can honor veterans at the same time as enjoying Christmas holiday decorations and shopping.

Should retailers postpone Christmas sales until after Veteran’s Day?

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