This Three-Minute Tool Can Stop Toddler Meltdowns

toddler meltdown

For every parent out there that is worried about their child being on the verge of yet another humiliating and very public toddler meltdown, there’s hope. There’s a new tool that might help toddlers become much happier little people and apparently, it only takes about three minutes to use.

According to Scary Mommy, more and more schools are using a daily mindfulness practice called Reboot to help kids get settled, feel settled, and act settled before their day begins. In other words, it’s a program that helps them find their inner peace without the stress of having to wipe away any tears before they begin streaming down.

Reboot is a program with pre-recoded guided mindfulness sessions that encourage children to do things that they would do that otherwise makes them happy. It could be anything from staring at the sky and watching the clouds roll by or filling a balloon with air. As they fill their balloons and let them go, they feel lighter and lighter. This allows them to take a moment to breathe, visualize, and connect with their bodies, with their toddler tantrum in the making now a thing of the past. In other words, the program lets children feel in tune with their bodies and their feelings, without the intervention of worried and frazzled moms and dads nearby.

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According to the program’s founder, Patti Schraeder, the program was developed to help children use numerous brain exercises to focus on a single object to help them feel more “present” and in the moment. In other words, it helps children re-calibrate the brain before the going gets tough.

As a matter of fact, research shows that there are plenty of benefits of mindfulness training. These three-minute exercises continually show physical changes to the brain for those that regularly practice mindfulness.

Furthermore, mindfulness can help improve a child’s overall mental health by lowering blood pressure, improving attention and focus, increasing immunity, and decreasing stress and anxiety.

And thankfully, both parents and educators are taking notice as these programs are working both inside and outside of the classroom. One elementary school that plays Reboot right after morning announcements experienced a 50 percent decrease in violent behavior when the program launched school-wide.

The Reboot program also helps increase the ability to manage stress by helping to improve information processing, decision making, problem solving, the ability to ignore distractions, and emotional intelligence.

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