Stitch Fix Kids Now Offering Adorable Jammies

It seems like people fall into two groups: those who love to shop, and those who would rather crawl naked over hot glass than shop for clothes for themselves. So services like Stitch Fix have been a godsend for the naked hot glass crowd! You just give your virtual stylist some info about yourself and your style/habits, and a curated box of clothes arrives on your doorstep. You're able to keep what you want, and send back whatever doesn't work. So it's the convenience of online shopping, but with a more personalized touch!

Recognizing that perhaps parents don't want to drag their kids to the store to force them to try on clothes, Stitch Fix expanded their personal styling services into kids clothing, and it's been amazing so far. And now, Stitch Fix Kids has announced that they will be including pajamas and activewear in the kids boxes. Considering how much time our own kids spend in jammies and activewear, this is going to be a game-changer.

stitch fix pajamas
Image: Stitch Fix

As with regular Stitch Fix, Stitch Fix Kids offers a variety of kids clothes from different name brands. But they also have their own line of clothing for kiddos, called Rumi + Ryder. The line is super versatile, with interchangeable pieces that they can rotate through different outfits, bright colors, bold prints, and above all, comfort. So it makes sense that the new line of jammies and activewear would come from Rumi + Ryder. They're applying the same philosophy (versatile, well-made clothes that last) to the new line, and the results are perfect.

Stitch Fix relied on customer feedback to create the new line, and the fabrics, designs, and styles are what kids want to wear to bed (and to lounge, because kids pretty live in jammies when they can!).  And the prints are super inclusive. No more buying boys jammies for your dino or space loving girl - Stitch Fix Kids understands that these things are universally loved by boys and girls, so the prints are available in all styles.

Prices for the kids clothes range from $10-30+, but remember, you only pay for what you keep. If you're looking to refresh your kid's closet, now is a good time to jump on the Stitch Fix Kids bandwagon!

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