Steve Madden’s Classic Platform Sandal Is Making A Comeback

Fashion trends seem to come and go, but every once and a while a fashion trend re-emerges, and you can't help but celebrate it because it sends you right back to the days of your youth. While trend followers may not have been thrilled to hear that low rise jeans or bootcut jeans were making a comeback in the fashion world, there have been some trends that have re-emerged recently that women have been happy with.

The renewed popularity of granny panties had women everywhere applauding the now fashionable comfy undergarments, and many women are thrilled that Baby Phat, a brand popularized in their youth is having its own rebirth. And while you’re pulling your velour tracksuits out of the closet, you may want to check and see if you still have those Steve Madden platform shoes too, because they’re suddenly the new "must-have" shoes for spring.

Steve Madden first debuted their "Slinky" platform sandal back in 1994, and they became so popular that almost every teenager and woman-owned at least one pair. Now the company has re-released the now iconic style in a capsule collection available exclusively at Urban Outfitters, and women simply can't get enough of them. In fact, the new styles have been so popular they're now currently sold out online.

Credit: Urban Outfitters

The Slinky design of the shoe is available in the very "now" colors of hot pink, lime, and classic black -- they retail for $70. Urban Outfitters still has stock of the platform thong sandals, available in basic black, bright and very on-trend orange and a multicolor silver that features a black platform and silver strap for $60.

In a press release, the company announced it was time to bring the iconic lewk back for the current generation. “Since the very beginning, it’s been all about platforms for us. We figured now was the perfect time to re-invent these styles in a fun and exciting way and there wasn’t a better partner than Urban Outfitters.”

Credit: Urban Outfitters

This isn't the first time the company has relaunched the shoe that was a staple in every girl's closet in the '90s. According to Elle, the Slinky sandal was re-released in 2017, but it was only made in black and not all the fun colors that are available today.

If you're bummed these truly amazing throwback platform sandals are currently sold out online, it may be time to check the closets or even pay a visit to your parents' house to see if you still have any of your old pairs lying around. Who knew that one of the biggest shoe trends of the '90s would become a timeless look almost 30 years later?

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