This Boy Shaved His Younger Siblings' Heads While Mom Was In The Shower

When you have kids, there are some things you just sort of expect will happen one day. Your kid is going to vomit in their car seat at some point (probably more than once!). They're going to have an accident while they're fully clothed, usually while you're out and about and don't have an extra change of clothes handy. They'll eat something gross like dog food, or get something stuck up their nose or swallow a LEGO block. And there will come a point when your darling child will find a pair of scissors and lop a chunk of hair off their sweet little head. It's usually sizable, and it's usually right in the front. And you know what? All you can do is laugh. Because it's hair, and it'll grow back, and at least they didn't poke an eye out, right? But cutting off a chunk of hair is one thing. SHAVING YOUR HEAD AND THAT OF YOUR SISTER is quite another. That's what one mom dealt with when she tried to take a shower (how dare she?!). You can't help but laugh after seeing this, and luckily mom had a pretty good sense of humor about it, too.

Stephanie Plunkette is a mom of three who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She was getting ready to work the night shift at her job, and hopped in the shower. Stephanie figured her kiddos Teddy and Eloise would be fine for a few minutes. How much trouble can they get into while she's showering in the next room?!

But she forgot one very important detail - earlier in the day, Stephanie got the clippers out to give the dog a haircut, and she ... left them out. You know what comes next, right?

Teddy decided to give himself a haircut, and shaved nearly his entire head. BUT, he also figured Eloise needed a trim, so he shaved JUST THE BACK OF HER HEAD. Stephanie is trying so hard to hold it together while she surveys the damage (and the damage is a lot, you guys). And then she does something amazing: she laughs! Eloise starts to get sad because she thinks she looks like a boy, and Stephanie steps in and quashes that quickly. She told her she looks like a beautiful little girl, and that it's only hair, and it's OK! It's OK. It grows back, and everyone is fine.

It was the perfect reaction, when an overreaction would have been completely understandable! Kids are going to do crazy stuff, and we need to make sure that they know they're just the same kids we love, no matter what they do. It's hair, it'll grow back. And this video will live forever.

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