Mom Shares Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas For Moms

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Halloween causes much excitement for many families, and children love dressing up in their favorite costumes. Every year, kids begin thinking about Halloween costumes as early as late summer, and begin planning what they will dress up as for October 31st.

Whether you create your own DIY costumes for each of your kids, or race around town to find the best costumes to purchase for them, Halloween should also be fun for you. If your kids can dress up, why can’t mom?

If you enjoy dressing up with your children for Halloween, you’ve likely visited a Halloween store to search for a costume of your own. But you’ve likely noticed that most of the costumes they make for women aren’t much of costumes; in fact, some are lacking fabric.

“After walking down the aisle of our local costume shop, I realized that everything out there has a sexy spin on it,” Stephanie Horman, of the lifestyle blog Modern Day Wonderland told Babble.

“The sexy doctor, sexy firefighter, sexy minion (yes, I kid you not on the minion one).”

So Horman decided she could share some easy DIY “sexy” costume ideas for moms that can easily be made using items you already have at home. She calls them, the "Sexy Halloween Costumes Moms Already Own” and decided to share them one by one on her Instagram page.

“To kick off October with I bang I've put together a collection of 'Sexy' Mom Costumes for Halloween,” she writes.

Her ideas are cute and creative, including the Pouty Plumber, The Mopping Mistress, The Green Thumbed Goddess, The Damsel of Dishes, and The Seductive Seamstress. Because moms wear many colorful hats, and whether they like it or not, become professionals at just about every task imaginable!

And then there’s the FIFTY SHADES OF MYSTERIOUS STAINS, which is Horman’s favorite. The shirt she wears for the photo looks like mustard-seed nursing baby poop! But Horman clarified that “it’s not actually baby poop; my daughter had a blast getting to spray Mom with a bottle full of mustard.”)

Horman has been sharing her “sexy” Halloween costume ideas on her Instagram account, and plans to keep unveiling more throughout the month of October.

“So far the response to this series has been great,” she told Babble. “I’ve had moms message me after a post goes up to tell me about the last time they burned a meal, accidentally sewed pant legs together, or had a massive poop explosion. Truth is, we’ve all been there, so it’s fun to make light of these situations.”

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