Mom's Rant About Parents Taking Too Long At School Drop-Off Goes Viral

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The school drop-off line: the bane of every parent's existence all over the country. If you pop your kiddos on a bus on the mornings, consider yourself lucky! One stop, your kid gets on the bus, they get to school, they get off the bus - easy peasy! But for parents who drop their kids at school, we have two choices: park and brave the crowds and elements to walk our kids in, or pull into the dreaded valet line.

Now, if you've ever used the drop-off line, hopefully you understand that there are rules. VERY STRICT RULES. The rules are very important to keeping the line moving and getting kiddos out of the cars, and making sure the entire process run smoothly. And the rules are very simple: you pull in, your kid opens the door and gets out of the car, and then you pull out, letting another car pull up to deposit their kiddos. Some parents have a hard time with these rules. But one mom's viral rant about the drop-off line is resonating with all of us who live by those rules.

I’m only going to say this once. If you have to bathe and dress your kid, comb their hair, scramble them an egg and...

Posted by Stephanie Blakely Calabrace on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

This is how it's done, people! The drop-off line only works if everyone abides by the rules! You don't dawdle, you don't get out of the car. The drop-off line is not where you adjust backpacks or engage in ling goodbyes. You drive in, you stop very briefly, and you drive out! If your child can't get out of the car on their own, then the drop-off line is not for you.

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If your kid is still in a 5-point harness and can't unbuckle themselves? The drop-off line is not for you! If you darling little ones need lots of hugs and kisses and messages of encouragement before they head into school, that is so sweet but it also means the drop-off line is not for you.

There is a system, and that system is not for the weak of heart or slow-moving kiddos. You need to have wings on your feet and nerves of steel to be successful in the school drop-off line. If you're thinking of entering the cutthroat world of the drop-off line, maybe spend some time training your kids before you commit.

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