10 Games Perfect For Kids Interested In STEM

STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is a very important part of our society. Everything that we use in our everyday lives has ever been created using one of the STEM subjects. But STEM can seem daunting to kids, since they may think all of those subjects are just about school and homework. As parents, we want to get our little ones involved so they can become anything they want when they grow up. If you are looking for a way to introduce STEM into your kid's life, keep reading to see the best games to get them interested.

10 Crayola Color Chemistry Set

STEM games can be fun and colorful! With Crayola Color Chemistry Set, kids seven and up can enjoy a classic brand they love while learning something new. This kit comes with fifty science experiences that your kids can perform. With that many experiments, you know your kids can have hours of endless fun, and play with it over and over again. Don’t worry too if you are not the best at STEM; there is an easy-to-follow instruction manual to help guide you through the projects.

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9 SmartGames Snow White

Everyone knows the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and now with SmartGames Snow White, your little one can enjoy both the beloved fairy tale and STEM. This game comes with forty-eight challenges for your kids to complete, using their cognitive skills to solve them. Let your kids enjoy a story and use their brains to solve 3D puzzles with classic characters they already know and love. If you have kids four and up, you are going to want to get this game to play, since it is perfect at home or to travel with.

8 Clue Master Game

The best way for kids to learn is through playing. Clue Master Game is fun, colorful, and teaches your kids to use their logical reasoning and deduction to solve puzzles and challenges. Clue Master has over forty challenges that get harder and harder the more your kids play. And you know this game is going to be one of the best STEM games out there since it won the Purdue University Engineering Gift Guide Award. Don’t just go with a second rate game; get your kids the best one out there.

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7 Dr. Microbe

Dr. Microbe is perfect to get your children into science. It's a fast game kids can play together, in which they race to place the microbes in their Petri dish. Kids learn to science terms and tools they are going to see in school and in that field. They're sure to be excited about the challenges they have with a very hands-on game. Start your kids young on the path to loving science with Dr. Microbe.

6 Totally Gross: The Game of Science

If you are looking for a STEM game you can have all of your children play at once, or with their friends, then Totally Gross: The Game of Science is going to be the one you want to buy. This game has forty question cards, fifty gross-out cards, thirty lab cards, and slime. Totally Gross lets kids learn about the gross things about the world in a creative way that will make them want to keep playing. And we know they'll remember the science facts they learn, since they are, well...gross.

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5 Valtech Magna-Tiles

Kids don’t know this, but engineering and being able to build anything from a table to a building is all about shapes. With Valtech Manga-Tiles your kids can build everything from castles to 3D animals, all with magnetic tiles. These colorful tires are great to buy for your kids since they snap together and come apart so they can build something else. You can purchase your kids kits that come with instructions to build a certain object or they can let their imaginations grow and build whatever they dream up!

4 Lift it!

USAopoly has created an amazing STEM game that is sure to make the whole family laugh while playing. In this game you get to become engineers as you try to build structures that are displayed on cards. You and your kids must be able to identify the correct shapes to build the structure as shown using a crane hook. And using this crane hook is not so easy, since it is attached to a headband around your head! So keep still and be patient as you try to construct your buildings.

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3 RoboRally

It’s safe to say that kids love robots. There is something about this futuristic designs that make little ones fascinated by their abilities. RoboRally is a classic robot game that was originally released in 1994, but has been republished twice (once in 2005 and once in 2016) since many people love this game. It is going to be one that makes your kids think before they act and come up with a strategy to hopefully win. And RoboRally’s layout changes whenever you race your robots, so there is always a new challenge to overcome.

2 Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

Are your kids obsessed with spies and uncovering mysteries? To become the best spy there is, your kids are going to have to learn deduction skills and how to use scientific evidence in order to catch the criminal. Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit allows your little one to match fingerprints, test powders and liquids, and decode secret messages just to find who did it. Introduce the basics of science and chemistry with this game that is sure to see repeated play.

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1 Code Master Programming Logic Game

Technology has become a bigger part of our lives than ever before. Because of this, there have been new jobs that are being created to keep up with new innovations every year. If your child is showing an interest in computers, then you are going to want to invest in Code Masters Programming Logic Game. While playing a board game, your kids are going to learn programming logic. This game is great to watch your kids grow, as there are beginner and expert levels for them to overcome.

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