Staying Organized With Kids: Yes, It's Possible (20 Fun Tips)

Being organized as an adult is hit or miss. It all depends on the person and how messy or clean they are. Personally, I am quite organized. Everything has its own place on my desk and in my home, but when other people come to visit or stay with us, things get moved around quite often (much to my chagrin. I should have mentioned I'm kind of a control freak as well...). But when kids are involved, that's a whole other ballgame.

Kids live their life without a second guess if they're messing up their home or not. Depending on the age of a child, they may be mature enough to clean up after themselves or be able to do some chores around the house, but if a kid isn't old enough for those responsibilities — their parents are live-in maids, working for free.  *sigh*

Thankfully we live in the world of the Internet, where parents think of life hacks for their children and share them with the rest of the world. Whether it's hiding toys in a modern way throughout the home, color coordinating clothes, or organizing books in a fun and engaging way, there are thousands of hacks to stay organized when living with kids. And while there are many ideas floating around the web, here are 20 of the best.

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20 Keeping The Garage Clean

I have a soft spot for garages and basements. They always seem to be the go-to space to throw all the unwanted things. Seasonal toys and tools get tossed here, decorations that aren't in use, clothes that no longer fit are thrown in cardboard boxes... It's a wonderland of things no one ever looks for. But enough of that. Why not make the garage a functional area for your child's toys? The parents above organized all the outdoor toys by placing them in little tin buckets. This is perfect for a child because he/she will know exactly where to get which toy.

19 Perfect Way To Store School Photos

I think all parents love school picture day. By the time their child grows into a hormone filled 18-year-old, graduating from high school, they can look back at their school photos and remember the time they were so small. However, instead of taking the time to create an elaborate scrapbook or even just storing the papers in a box — you can make files for each school year! Place their school picture, their likes, their dislikes, who their teacher was, etc... for each grade. You can even put important information in each file so that you know exactly where to find something if needed.

18 Zoo Animals

It's wildly known that kids love stuffed animals. That's pretty much all they're gifted until the sixth grade. That being said, they accumulate a ton of stuffed animals over the years, and at one point, you're gonna run out of space. There's only so many you can slowly donate without your child noticing. So instead of trying to find a space for all of them, try creating your very own zoo container. Build a base, add some bungee cords, and toss those little zoo animals inside.

17 An Open Crafting Shelf

There are many different ways to organize crafting materials like crayons, markers, scissors, and different colored papers. However, what I love about this little space, in particular, is how easy the parents made finding everything. All of the tools are in clear containers, making it super easy to find exactly what the child is looking for. Plus, it's all easily available and ready to grab. A child no longer has to ask daddy where the pencils are because they're stacked clear as day in the crafting shelf.

16 Going To The Movies In Style

The movie theatre staff might look at you a little strange walking into the theatre with empty plastic containers, but the joke's on them. This is one of those moments that will stick with me whenever I'm going anywhere with a brood of children.

Going to the theaters with these bins will make it SO much easier for kids to have their own drink and snacks without dropping everything or asking for more throughout the movie. This is also a great way to ignore an argument between siblings; there's no more stealing snacks from the other!

15 Kids-Only Garage

The older kids get, the more things they accumulate. As soon as they start being able to walk and run around, you bet your bottom dollar that aunts and uncles are going to start buying them bikes and mini cars to drive around the neighborhood. While the kids see these things as "fun," parents roll their eyes at the thought of trying to find space for it all. But if you have a little extra space on the side of your house or in the yard, why not create a little garage for your kids' bikes? Adding a curtain will also give a more cleaned up look as well.

14 Organize By Seasons

One of the best things to do for a child's closet is to organize kids clothes by seasons. Instead of having every piece of clothing in a child's closet at once, why not take out the seasons your child isn't wearing? For instance, if it's winter, take out those bathing suits and shorts and store them in its own container. That way when summer rolls around again, you can just swap containers. This is a great solution especially when you label it as beautifully as this person did! (This will make your child picking out their outfits much simpler as well.)

13 An Eye-Catching Wall

Who says you need to buy more and more shelves whenever you buy more and more toys? This wall may seem a touch dramatic but it's actually genius. There aren't shelves cluttering the room at all — the shelves are built into the wall making more space and also more visually appealing. Just look how much fun this room looks already with those colorful shelves! Who knew that redoing a wall could save so much space and add so much fun?

12 Keep Legos At Bay

As children, we played with these for hours. We built homes, tiny people, reenacted scenarios from the box... But as adults, we loathe these bad boys because we're constantly stepping on them! Even when kids clean these Legos up and put them away in their box, there always seems to be one that escapes, thus us stepping on it and being in pain for an hour.  But enough is enough. Buy one of those plastic containers and color coordinate them for your child. This will not only look better, but they'll be easy to grab and switch as a child.

11 Interactive Closet

Kids love things that test their senses, so when there are pretty colors and different shapes to look at — they're gonna be hooked.

Just because a closet is a place where clothes are stored, does not mean it has to be some dull and dark hole in the wall. Seeing all the different kinds of containers this closet has, really makes it intriguing. I love the animal baskets below (maybe for laundry?) and how each bun is organized with a label on it. There's no guessing in this closet — everything has a place and can be found with or without mommy and daddy's help.

10 Organize Lunches, Too!

My mom used to always leave us notes in our lunchboxes when we were kids. And even though they were sometimes embarrassing, I secretly loved being surprised by something my mom had to say. But if I had a lunch box as fun and organized as the one above — lunch would be 10x better! Having a piece of food in each spot is a fun way for kids to try new foods too. It's also a wonderful way for portion control. Add some fruits, veggies, nuts, small sandwiches, and your kid's lunch will be the talk of the lunch room.

9 Turn That Shoe Rack Into A Snack Rack

Does anyone use shoe racks for shoes anymore? I feel like using them to organize snacks, home goods, and tools are such a better way of use than for shoes. I don't know about everyone else, but I could never fit my shoes in these racks half the time! My shoes were either too big, too long, or too bulky to fit in those little holders. Using a shoe rack as a snack rack is such a better use of the material. Hang this rack in the pantry or behind a door and it's never been easier (or more fun) to grab a snack on the go.

8 The Modern Playroom

Who said a playroom had to be covered in bright colors and a bunch of animals? If anyone is tight on space and their house is the designated playroom for their children, then make the area modern. You can totally make space that's comfortable for both adults and kids, while still be efficient for both. The room pictured above is the perfect mix of both worlds. Kids can easily grab their toys (and hide them when they're done) and adults can still entertain without having to be embarrassed.

7 Accessories

If anyone has a child that loves hair accessories, then this tip is for you. As a woman with long hair, I end up throwing all of my hair bands, elastics, and clips into one drawer. But it's definitely not organized — it's a mess. So putting each band or clip in a separate baggy could make a parent's life much simpler. The caption to this post says, "Organization bags are my favorite solution to organize small items that need to be quickly found when you are in a hurry to leave the house... like hair accessories, earrings, bracelets... They are soft, light, very easy to open and close and the best of all? They are very inexpensive!"

6 Clever Bookshelves

One of the best parts about having kids is seeing them get so excited about books. Reading time isn't only a bonding moment between child and parent, it's also a time for a child's imagination to go wild. Having an interesting bookshelf like this is a great way for kids to organize their books too. They can color coordinate each block, organize by genre, or simply store by size. The fact that the shelves are different than a normal bookshelf make all the difference here.

5 Keep Those Bathroom Drawers Clean

What is it about garages, basements, and bathroom drawers that make us want to throw all of our junk in them?! I feel like I clean out my bathroom drawers and shelves every two months. I can never keep them clean. However, buying one of these utensil holders is a great way to store dental hygiene products — especially if your little ones are too small to reach the sink. Being able to poor open a drawer and brush your teeth is so easy for a kid. This also teaches them to put things back in the proper space when they're done with them.

4 How To Tell Time

I heard a rumor a little while back that schools are going to start getting rid of these clocks and stick with the electronic clocks since that's where our world is facing. However, that kind of breaks my heart a bit. I know learning to tell time can be confusing at first, but they'll get the hang of it eventually!

If you still want to teach your child the ins and outs of telling time, creating a little color-coded system is a great starting point. It's also kind of fun to see what's next on their little schedule.

3 When You Have More Than One Child

When you have a house full of kids and they're all old enough to have their own agendas — life gets BUSY. From carpooling kids to different soccer games, to figuring out which kid has a spelling test, to finding out who has a school trip — there's way too much going on to not be as organized as possible.

These parents above figured it all out by creating a bulletin board for each kid. Each kid gets their own backpack hook and bulletin board for papers and updates. It's a brilliant system that also keeps a house clean.

2 Bye, Bye Boxes

If your kids are into puzzles, you'll realize fast that puzzles come in different sized boxes. Depending on the brand and how many pieces are in each puzzle, the sizes differ. This can make it kind of annoying to stack and organize properly. However, if you put each puzzle in their own Tupperware container, this will create a much more organized visual without the piles of boxes that don't fit on top of each other. I mean, just look at how much cleaner these puzzles look being in the same container.

1 Hiding The Toy Shelf

I am obsessed with how this family covered their toy shelf. Since kids want toys and entertainment at all hours of the day, having an entire shelf dedicated to those toys is a great idea. However, visually, it's kind of an eyesore. So by place a curtain in front of the shelf, it makes it much cleaner-looking and just more appealing as an adult. Plus, the curtain can make a GREAT hiding spot when playing Hide 'N Seek. 

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