Study Shows That Stay At-Home Moms Are Worth A Salary Of At Least $160K

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Any woman who has ever been a stay at home mom knows that the job is hard. It requires work at all hours with little to no breaks, there is often little appreciation for the job you do, and the pay sucks because there is no pay! Stay-at-home moms are often frustrated at the lack of validation they receive because they are doing a very important job that allows the other people in their lives to do theirs. Now a new study is proving just how valuable the stay at home mom is by estimating what their annual salary would be if they actually got paid their worth.

Salary.com decided they would estimate the worth of a stay at home moms by looking at "a handful of jobs that reflect a day in the life of a Mom," in order to calculate what a stay-at-home mom would earn if she was paid fairly. What is surprising to everyone except mothers is that amount was a whopping $162,581! Some of the hybrid roles that Salary.com looked at were a bookkeeper, executive housekeeper, psychologist, public school teacher, athletic director, laundry manager, and academic adviser.

Credit: Salary.com

The salary estimate for 2018 is up almost $5000 from the company's estimates for 2017 and almost $35,000 from a decade ago. Naturally, people scoff at the idea that a stay at home mother would be worth such a hefty salary, and even many stay-at-home moms would suggest they wouldn't deserve such a generous paycheck until they begin to do the math. One writer at Mother.ly felt the same until she and her husband sat down to discuss life insurance. She admitted that although she doesn't earn a paycheck if she were to die suddenly, there would be a huge financial strain placed on her husband now that she is no longer there to perform her stay at home mom tasks.

"Life would churn on, and my husband would need to put the kids in daycare so that he could return to work," she wrote. "He’d probably have to hire a housekeeper and, while I don’t think there are any personal chefs for hire in our small town, he would doubtlessly spend more money on take-out. For those nights that he worked late, and weekends when last-minute projects came up, he’d need a sitter. He’d probably have to hire someone to help with the yard work, too."

It's easy to dismiss the value of the stay-at-home mother until they are no longer around to do all the things they were doing. Stay-at-home moms do everything from child care to cleaning to cooking meals to running errands to planning events to dropping off and picking up children from various activities as well as an endless list of tasks that many in two-income families are forced to outsource and pay for separately.

While we know the amount given by Salary.com's estimate will be questioned by many, it's still nice to see that the sheer amount of work the stay-at-home mom does is being recognized so that hopefully people will come to understand that it is truly a job that has worth.

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