The Truth About Those Adult Starbucks Sippy Cups We Keep Seeing

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If you've  visited a local Starbucks lately you've probably seen the new lid the coffee chain has made available. The lid, which basically resembles that of a sippy cup your children use to drink from, is becoming increasingly popular among the chain's customers. It's also sparked a bit of curiosity from customers who are just starting to see the lid in their local stores.

Delish reports that the cup lid was first introduced back in 2016 when the chain's flagship store in Seattle, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, launched it's Nitro Cold Brew. In mid-April Starbucks launched it's new Cold Foam, produced by blending cold non fat milk until it froths. The cold foam tops some of Starbucks most popular iced beverages and it brought back the sippy cup lid to be used with drinks topped with the cold foam. If you've started to see the new lids appearing on various social media channels, that's why.

Starbucks' new lid is meant to enhance the flavor of the product. In fact, a spokesperson for the coffee giant said the new sippable style lids will make your coffee taste better. "The taste and texture of Cold Foam is essential to the enjoyment of the beverage; simply put, drinking Cold Foam through a straw means the customer will miss out on this delicious texture."

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This is good news for coffee lovers and those who are trying to reduce their straw use. There has been a lot of news lately about the use of straws and how they have a hugely negative environmental impact, which has resulted in many large chains such as Starbucks and McDonald's doing their best to minimize the use of the wasteful products.

While it's only the Cold Foam that is currently served with the strawless lid, Delish reports that customers can request the new, more environmentally friendly lid for any of their drink orders.

While the actual purpose behind the sippy cup lids may be to enhance a customer's taste experience, there's no doubt that there has been a lot of pressure to limit, if not eliminate the huge amount of plastic straws that Starbucks goes through. These lids are certainly a step in the right direction of eliminating the use for straws completely when you order from Starbucks.

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It's not the only step that Starbucks has taken in making it's products more sustainable. The company is currently working on creating a plant based liner for it's coffee cups to make them compostable as well as working to make recycling more widely available in their stores.

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