'Squirt Gun' Hair Is The Latest Hair Trend For People Who Love Color

squirt gun hair

Remember when grown women started dying their hair bright purple or pink and we thought it was so daring and cutting edge? Well, like unicorn everything, single process neon hair is so 2018. If you want to stay on-trend this year, you have to take your hair color seriously next level.

Squirt-gun hair, the latest viral beauty sensation, courtesy of Kansas City hairstylists and married couple Andrew and Kat Collett is filling up our Instagram feed, and rightfully so! We are obsessed with the fun and color-splattered look — and you will be too!

The couple, owners of With Love Salon, literally use water guns to apply color to hair. Like highlights, they place a piece of paper down, apply the colors, adding layers as they go along. Then, they allow it to set, before rinsing the dye out. The end result is a multi-dimensional look they dub “splash kaleidoscope” hair.

Women are going wild with the technique, opting to use several colors instead of just one or two. And, unlike some other techniques, you don’t have to start with super light, blonde locks. Many of the women sporting the look have brunette hair, and the end result is stunning.

Warning: Once you start scrolling through all the vibrantly hued photos and videos of squirt-gun hair, you might not be able to stop. We are literally transfixed with the colorful dye jobs, as each is seriously its own work of art.

While the trend is just starting to catch on, the couple has been perfecting it for years. They first started sharing Instagram images back in 2018. Even if you don’t have the guts to try out the trend, you seriously have to watch a video of the process to fully appreciate it in all of its glory. We suggest checking it out ASAP!

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