'Spoiled Husband' Shirt Meant To Scare Off Other Women Stirs Up Debate

Graphic tee shirts are usually meant to be funny. Think about all the times you've seen one and laughed. They're all in good fun. But sometimes that fun goes a bit too far, or totally misses the mark. And this tee shirt that is making the rounds definitely does both of those things. Made for a husband to wear, it explicitly states that said husband is "property" of his wife. It's a bit intense.

Shared by the popular Facebook group "Breastfeeding Mama Talk," the graphic tee says a lot. ""Yes! I’m a spoiled husband. But not yours. I am the property of a freaking awesome wife," it reads. There are several elements to the shirt that people are taking issue with and they're all valid. It kinda rubs like a wool sweater. it makes you a little itchy, but you're not sure where it's coming from.

There are a lot of comments calling out why this shirt isn't as funny as some may think it is.

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Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Monday, May 13, 2019

"To all the people saying it was “meant to be a joke”, that it’s “humour”, “laugh and move on”... it’s not funny. There are no jokes. Zero comedy. What’s funny? A wife controlling a husband so hard she makes him wear the equivalent of a leash?"

"We're not "property" of anyone. I agree this is too much. Not very cute."

"That has joint Facebook account written all over it"

"I feel like only an insecure person would make her husband wear this."

That's the thing. A shirt isn't going to keep women from looking at your husband. In fact, they may feel more interested in him because they want to rescue him. Plus, this reinforces the trope that women are "crazy." It says it right there on the shirt.

However, despite the fact that it is at very least, awkward, there are people who found it funny. There are comments from women who are actively considering buying it for their husbands. A few women even admit to being this level of possessive of their husbands. Weird flex, but okay.

"This is meant to be funny people, laugh and move on!"

"I remember the days people had a sense of humor and weren't so easily offended."

While people may find it funny (everyone has a different sense of humor) it's easy to why people don't. As many commenters point out, it just feels awkward. There are a lot of words on the shirt, to begin with. But then, the last line is really what makes it cringey. Would a man really need to admit that his wife bought him the shirt? It feels like that would be a given. Feels unlikely that too many men would voluntarily wear such a shirt.

Another interesting take is, what if you reverse the pronouns? Apparently there is a shirt that does. How would most women feel if their husbands treated them like property? Probably not very good.

Look ladies, it's fine if you have feelings about other women looking at your husband. No one is telling you not to. But a shirt like this isn't the way to go about scaring them off.

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