• 10 Special (& Free!) Things You Can Do On Your Kid's Birthday

    Birthdays are always special, especially for children who love to count down until their special day because it feels so magical. There are times when parents can't celebrate their kid's birthday the way that they would love to because they don't have the extra money that it would require. But just because you don't have extra cash right now doesn't mean that you can't make your kid's birthday special. There are many companies that offer free items for a child's birthday or birthday week.

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    Keep reading to discover 10 special and free things you can do on your kid’s birthday.

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    Free Kid’s Meal

    One of the coolest fast food restaurants out there today is Sonic. There is just something about eating in a car with waiters bringing your food out on roller skates that always makes for good memories. If you sign up for Sonic's Wacky Pack Club and get their newsletter, you'll receive a coupon for a free Wacky Pack.

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    Wacky Packs are Sonic's version of a kid's meal. Of course, the kid's meal comes with a free toy as well. So make sure you add your child's birthday when you sign up for the Wacky Pack Club.

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    Ice Cream Treat

    Who doesn’t love ice cream? Ice cream is always a perfect treat to make any day better. At Baskin-Robbins, you can receive a coupon for a free ice cream on your little one's birthday. All you have to do for this offer is to sign up your child for the Baskin-Robbins Birthday Club to receive the coupon.

    And the best part of Baskin-Robbins has so many delicious flavors that we know your little one will have fun looking at all of the options they have. Head to their website today to sign up for their birthday club.

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    Shopping Spree

    If you have a child who is 13 or younger, they would qualify to receive a surprise on their birthday at The Children’s Place. The Children’s Place is a wonderful store to shop at to find clothes that your kids are sure to love. 

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    For your kid's birthday, they offer a 20 percent off coupon and $10 off your next purchase coupon. You'll be able to find a stylish shirt in your price range here and your kids will love it.

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    Sweet Sticky Rolls

    There is just something about a warm, sweet, sticky, gooey cinnamon roll. It doesn't matter if you eat it as a treat or for breakfast, cinnamon rolls are always delicious. Cinnabon offers a complimentary cinnamon roll on your birthday, which is great news.

    To receive your free complimentary cinnamon roll, all you have to do it join their rewards program called Club Cinnabon. Don't worry, there's no fee to join. Make sure to head to the mall so you kids can get their free sweet treat on their very special day!

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    Family Movie Night

    Going out to the movies can be expensive when you have to buy tickets, snacks, and drinks. Luckily, Redbox is making seeing great movies free for your little one’s birthday. After you sign up for the Redbox Play Pass rewards program you can enter your child’s birthday to get a free movie rental!

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    And Redbox has all the latest and best movies out there to date. These movies are even sometimes out on Redbox first instead of DVDs. So let your little one enjoy picking out a new and exciting kids movie that they can watch with the whole family!

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    The Breakfast Of Champions

    Breakfast is one of the best meals of the day and you don't even need to eat breakfast in the morning to enjoy it! Denny’s offers a free Grand Slam on a birthday! Grand Slams definitely come with a lot of food.

    With this meal, your child will get two eggs, two pancakes, two sausages, and two slices of bacon. This is going to be a breakfast that is going to fill them up! If you and your little one loves breakfast, then make sure to hit up Denny’s on their birthday for a free Grand Slam meal.

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    Pretzel Snack

    Sometimes you need a salty treat to get you through the day. And if it is your child’s birthday, they can receive a free pretzel on their special day from Auntie Anne’s. When you sign up for Auntie Anne’s reward program Pretzel Perks, you will receive this offer on their birthday. Pretzels are such a great snack that we know your little one will love.

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    Make a special trip out to the closest Auntie Anne’s to get your little one a special treat they will eat up on their big day.

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    Free Disney Movie

    Disney movies are always magical and filled with wonder. That is why people love Disney movies no matter how old they get. Disney has even created Disney Movie Rewards to reward fans that buy their movies or see them in the theater.

    If you sign up for Disney Movie Rewards ,you can even receive a free Blu-ray disk on your child’s birthday. We know that no matter what movie your child chooses to select for their birthday it is going to be good. Enjoy the magic of Disney free when you join their rewards program.

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    Stepping Back In Time

    Knights, horses, queens, and princesses are something that you and your little one can enjoy if you go to the Medieval Times. On your child’s birthday they get free admission into the show!  Go back in time to see a fantastic show that your child is sure to remember.

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    Not only do you and your little one get to enjoy an exciting show, but they also get to eat as they did in that time period too! Make memories that you and your child will look back at years from now with Medieval Times.

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    Where A Kid Can Be A Kid

    We now that your kids are always begging to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. Chuck E. Cheese's provide a safe place for kids to play different games that will provide hours of fun. But when you go to Chuck E. Cheese’s things can get expensive after buying coins, pizza, and drinks.

    That’s why you need to sign up for Chuck E. Cheese's reward program called More Cheese Rewards. More Cheese Rewards will gift your child 20 minutes of free unlimited gameplay! So let your kids enjoy their games and get free gameplay at your local Chuck E. Cheese's.

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