'Space Jam 2' Finally Gets A Release Date, And We Can't Wait

Twenty three years ago, a movie was released that changed the way we watched movies. It was funny. It was exciting. It was entertaining and dramatic and action-packed. The movie combined animation with live-action, and sort of blew everyone's minds. That movie was none other than Space Jam. The animation live-action crossover starred Michael Jordan and a slew of professional basketball players alongside all of our favorite Looney Tunes characters. On paper, it sounds absolutely terrible, and if we were to watch it again as adults, we would probably have a much different opinion of it, LOL. But back in the day? That movie was IT. Looney Tunes has been replaced by Disney and other animated characters, and Jordan hasn't played professional basketball in quite some time, so the chances of a Space Jam sequel seemed slim. But sometimes, dreams do come true, folks. A new Space Jam is in the works, and it even has a release date. Lace up those sneakers, guys!

In case you forgot (HOW COULD YOU?!), the original Space Jam had Michael Jordan playing himself, and he's drafted by Bugs Bunny to join the Looney Tunes basketball team. They play against a team from an amusement park in space called Moron Mountain. It sounds terrible, we know, but it was so fun! Watching the real-life players go head-to-head against some of our favorite cartoon characters was awesome. And honestly, we've been waiting for a sequel for a long time. Like ... 23 years. The wait is over. Space Jam 2, starring LeBron James, is set to be released on July 16, 2021!

We know, we know - that's more than two years away! But keep in mind, the movie is in the very early production stages. While we know for sure LeBron James has signed on, and we know Bugs Bunny (voiced by Eric Bouza, the voice from the first film) and his love interest Lola are slated to appear, other details remain scarce. Ryan Coogler is producing the film, and it's being directed by Terence Nance, but nothing has been announced in regards to supporting cast or plot. So right now, all we have is LeBron, Bugs and Lola, and a release date. But we'll take it!

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