The Leading Source Of Loneliness Is Problems With Family

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For many people, if one part of your life isn't going the way you want, that bleeds into other parts of your life. Being discontent has a way of spreading, even if we try to stop it. We have all experienced those times where things may be difficult at work or at home and they kind of just cross over everywhere. And now, a new survey by Pew Research Center has been released saying that people who are dissatisfied with their family, social life, or finances are likely to say they feel lonely. Chances are, this doesn't really come as a surprise to many.

According to the study, which was conducted earlier this year, one in ten Americans say they feel lonely or isolated from people around them all or most of the time. While that may not seem like a particularly large number, breaking it down further provides more insight.

Pew Research Center

Dissatisfaction with their families is what causes three in ten, or 28 percent of people, to feel lonely all or most of the time. On the other hand, only 7 percent of people admit to feeling lonely when they have a satisfactory relationship with their families. Family life stressors are often the type that tends to affect us the hardest.

Given that much of our interactions are with our family, if we're not feeling connected to them, of course, we're going to feel lonelier. Along these lines, 17 percent of people who have either never been married or who are divorced admit to feelings of constant loneliness. That means they're a little more than twice as likely than the 6 percent of married people to feel lonely.

Additionally, being dissatisfied with your social life has a more profound effect on how lonely you feel. Naturally, the 26 percent of people who are dissatisfied with their social life admit to more feelings of loneliness. Social interaction and having friends is so important, and when we don't have people that we can surround ourselves with, it absolutely has a negative impact on our lives.

An interesting thing to note that is related is the number of people who feel loneliness based on their isolation from their community. While we think that most people are actually fine with not having any connection to their neighbors or community, 16 percent actually associate that lack of connection to feelings of loneliness.

Pew Research Center

Lastly, and least surprising, is the connection between finances and loneliness. Understandably, 17 percent of people who are less than satisfied with their financial situation are lonelier than the 5 percent who aren't. Similarly, 14 percent of people who don't have enough income to live the life they wish are lonely.

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