People Explain Why So Many Now Feel Sorry For 'Netflix Era' Kids

netflix era kids

Apparently, the ‘Netflix era’ kids have no idea what they are missing out on. There’s a Twitter thread that is trolling the youngest generation of viewers that might have no idea what prime-time television seems or even looks like. That’s because they are so used to screening all of their programs on demand. And according to moms and dads that grew up on the Friday night lineup of their favorite shows, kids these days don’t have a clue about how watching television used to be so different back in the golden era. That is, the 1980’s and 1990’s for most moms and dads!

A hilarious Twitter thread is explaining why people actually feel sorry for Netflix era kids. That’s because they will never know the high stakes adrenaline of running to the bathroom or the fridge in a single ad break, or screaming to their sibling that “It’s ONNNNNN” to send everyone in the family hurdling over furniture to make it back to the living room on time. At least, that’s what one person named Felicity thinks as she started the thread on her Twitter account.

It didn’t take very long for other parents to comment on the feed. Many have said that the Netflix Kids have got it made. There was never a ‘Pause it’ button back in the day. In addition, you couldn’t watch one entire season of your favorite television show in just one sitting. If you missed one episode, you were basically screwed and had to wait until the next season for reruns.

If that weren’t enough, the Netflix era kids will never know the feeling of looking forward to TGIF programming or Saturday morning cartoons all week.

One person wrote, “My husband and I love to tell our kids how we didn't have entire channels dedicated to our interests - we got time slots, and only if dad wasn't watching sports on one of the few other channels. It's kind of our 'we had to walk 5 miles in the snow to school - uphill both ways!’”

Another person also added that Netflix era kids will never experience the pain of watching a show just for it to be interrupted because of an emergency weather broadcast or a weekly test.

And yes, another parent that got hit with the nostalgia button also mentioned that she used to fight with her siblings over the remote control. These days, kids get to watch whatever they want, when they want on their own devices all through their home. No one has to worry about sharing just one television set anymore when they've got their Apple TV's, Roku, iPads and smart phones to watch their favorite Netflix shows on.

Of course, there could be worse things in this world. These so-called Netflix era kids will never have to time it right so their Hot Pocket would be done by the end of a commercial break. The only thing they have to moan and groan about is when the second season of their favorite Netflix program will finally become available!

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