This Melatonin-Fueled Drink Will Help You Sleep, But Is It Safe?

Many parents of newborn children have difficulty sleeping at night. And now there’s a new melatonin-fueled drink that might help give moms and dads the shut eye that they desperately need. But some health experts warn that the drink might be unsafe, especially if it consumed throughout the day.

The 8-ounce can is called Som Sleep and the brainchild of the company’s founder, John Shegerian. The drink comes in regular and sugar-free versions and contains magnesium, vitamin B6, GABA and L-theaninealong with melatonin, which is supposed to help make you feel calmer. The product was launched earlier this year and is available at retailers such as GNC. The company insists though that is safe for daily use and is non-habit forming. What’s more, each can only contains 40 calories.

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Shegerian explains that he came up with the idea when he almost nodded off in front of the wheel and crashed his car into oncoming traffic. He told Good Morning America in a statement, “A sleep supplement only works if people use it. That's why we created Som Sleep to fit better sleep seamlessly into everyone's lifestyle. Our 8.1-ounce can is a format people are very familiar with -- it's simple, easy to consume, and you don't need instructions on how to pop open a can. I think that's one of the many reasons we're seeing such great feedback and adoption thus far. Plus, many Americans are chronically dehydrated, which leads to fragmented sleep, so our liquid format helps address that issue also."

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While new parents usually don’t have the luxury of getting eight hours of shut eye, if you are having a problem keeping in sync with your body’s natural sleep cycle, heath professionals suggest you change a few things about your nightly routine. For starters, try to go to sleep and get up at the same time everyday. Also, avoid sleeping in, even on days off or the weekends. Avoid using your smart phone before bed and try to expose yourself to bright sunlight in the morning. Also, spend more time outside during the daylight.

And while many people do use melatonin as a sleep supplement, critics argue that if the drink is consumed throughout the day, it can contribute to a slew of different problems. Yet, there’s also the argument that if people are looking to use supplements because they want to improve their sleep, there’s an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Before taking any form of sleep supplements, talk to your primary care physician.

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