The Recent Solar Eclipse Might Be The Reason Why You're Off Your Game

solar eclipse

For a lot of moms and dads, the new year is a good reason for them to press the restart button to help 'refresh' their lives so to speak. Yet, a lot of people have noticed that 2019 hasn’t been the year that they’ve been hoping for so far and there’s a good reason behind it. Just to think, we are only a few days into it. Apparently, the recent solar eclipse might be the reason why you have been feeling off your game.

We’ve already heard about how mercury in retrograde can make everyone feel like they’re axis feels slightly tilted, but what about the solar eclipse? On January 5th, the first solar eclipse of the year appeared, which means that it has most likely affected the Capricornian areas of your life. In other words, you might see some changes in our career, finances and your status in the work place.

According to those in the know, eclipses can have effects that reach up to seven years but thankfully, this month’s results will only play out in just one month. But here’s what you need to know: Capricorns and Cancers will feel the most impact from this eclipse, followed by all of the Aries and Libras out there. If any planets or points fall in your birth chart, you can expect to see some changes this month. Some of these changes will be out of your control. With that being said, don’t forget to be gentle and patient with yourself and those around you as there might be tension, breakthroughs, breakups and so on. Capricorns definitely like to shake things up, which is one of the reasons why you might be experiencing some unexpected issues.

For 2019, you can expect to see plenty of action in the sky as there will be eclipses of all different types to look forward to. After all, eclipses are pretty rare. “The two eclipses I am most looking forward to are the Jan 21 total lunar eclipse, and the July 2 total solar eclipse visible from Chile and Argentina,” says Fred Espenak, retired NASA astrophysicist and eclipse expert based in Arizona Sky Village (via Forbes).

The coming months will be interesting, to say the least. Keep looking to the sky folks, but also make sure you don’t get into any trouble in the work place, at home and in your love life, too.

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