This New Appliance Trend Is Taking Over & It's The Perfect Kitchen Update

If you're into interior design (even if you're not a pro at it), you're probably always checking out the latest trends in decor and dreaming up ways to renovate or redecorate your home. The one space that is always going to be a dream project is the kitchen, because who doesn't love to dream about the perfect kitchen?

If you're in the mood for something a little different, consider one of the more popular trends in kitchen appliances right now - a soft bronze color. It's this perfect blend of the warmth of copper with the sheen of stainless steel that isn't overpowering (like chrome).

You can still stick to the old faithful of stainless steel, but just like the white appliances of years past, that trend will soon come to an end. If you're redesigning your kitchen for resale, maybe you think it's best to play it safe, but adding a modern touch to the look will bring in buyers who are looking for something new that they don't have to build from scratch.

The best thing about these appliances (other than the dreamy color, of course) is that they will go with just about any color scheme you choose for your kitchen. If you're still into the white cabinets, these appliances will really pop. Or, if you're going really modern with a navy blue or even black cabinet, the bronze will soften and lighten the look a bit. Also, it is a metal that can easily be mixed with other metals - like gold cabinet hardware, for instance.

If the appliance is too much of a commitment for you right now, consider implementing the color in your kitchen in other ways to see how you like it. Get some gorgeous cabinet pulls, some island bar stools, or even a standing mixer in the color to ease into it before investing in all of the appliances (which won't be long, how can you not love this warm color?!).

It's not always easy to go outside your comfort zone when it comes to redecorating or designing your home, but remember that it's your home, and if you love a little glam and some rose gold accents, then these appliances are basically made for you.

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