This 'Society To Working Moms' Post Calls Out The Impossible Expectations We're Given

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Let's be honest, working moms are superheros. Because they're dealing with all the expectations of motherhood, plus having to work on top of that. Whether it's working outside or inside the home (because work at home moms are working moms too!) it feels like there are never enough hours in the day. Society dictates that working moms be 100 percent present for their families, 100 percent present for their jobs, and somehow take care of themselves on top of that. Impossible. One mom wrote a Facebook post that absolutely nails all the ridiculous expectations placed on working moms.

Society to working moms: -Go back to work 6-8 weeks after having the baby. The baby that you spent 9-10 months growing...

Posted by Sarah Buckley Friedberg on Thursday, April 18, 2019

Sarah Buckley Friedberg's post has over 28,000 shares and over 6,400 comments because it is obvious that she gets it. Buckley Friedberg has three young kids and works as a microbiology manager and a large medical device company. So she definitely knows the pressure to be everything to everyone at all times. And her list of expectations are so detailed that if you're a working mom, you will find yourself nodding along.

"Go back to work before you have finished healing or have had time to bond with your baby. Keep your mind on work, and not your tiny helpless baby that is being watched and cared for by someone other than you. Make sure to break the glass ceiling and excel at your job- you can do anything a man can do! It is your job to show society this! Show the world that women can do it all. Rise to the top of your career," she begins.

Working women are sold on having to be the ones to break the glass ceiling. Mothers who work are being pushed even harder to break the glass ceiling to prove that they can "have it all." For various reasons, mothers are being forced to go back to work sooner than they should be.

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"Also, lose that baby weight and get back in shape, as quickly and as gracefully as possible. Make sure to get 8 hours of sleep a night so you can work out, work, and care for your family. But also get up at 5 am to workout, unless you want to do it after your kids go to bed when you also need to clean the house and get life ready for the next day and you know, sleep."

Amen sister. We're expected to get back in shape immediately after giving birth, which is hard for many of us. If it takes nine months to gain the weight, why are we expected to lose it in nine weeks? Who, besides celebrities, have the time?

"Be Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the birthday planner, the poop doula (seriously when will this end), the finder of lost things, the moderator of fights. Be fun. Be firm. Read books. Have dance parties."

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How can you not laugh at poop doula? Seriously, potty training is the worst. And yes to everything else. We have to handle all the holidays, birthdays, keep track of the schedule, and again, be 100 percent and fun. HOW?

There a dozens more points that she makes that will have you saying "THIS." But the best is probably the way she ends her post,"I don't know about you, but I'm ready to lean OUT."

Yes. The whole concept of "lean in" is literally killing us. When will it end?

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