10 Things Moms Should Never Post On Social Media

It’s not just your kids who love social media, it's as parents too. Social media, especially Instagram and Facebook, are some parents favorite platforms. It’s easy to stay connected with childhood friends, colleagues, and family. And it’s even easier for us to share everything that happens to us, our partner, and our kids online instantly to everyone who follows us and we have “friended” online.

Though this is very common to share about your life on social media, there are some things you should never share as a parent. So keep reading to discover ten things moms should never post on social media!

10 Anything With Blood

Children are known for being clumsy and this can mean broken bones, cuts, and scrapes. Though you might want to share what happened when they fell off their bike on social media, no one wants to see blood. This includes bloody noses, teeth that just fell out, of anything else with blood on it.

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Sure, you might want to remember this moment with your child, no one else needs to see it. Make sure you are not posting any pictures with blood since not only do people do not want to see it, it can also affect them negatively if they see blood.

9 Your Kid's Daycare Location

Social media is great to get suggestions and feedback about places and things you are interested in. sometimes people forget that others can see your account and it’s not just strictly close friends on your account's Friends list.

Asking about what people think about a certain daycare or telling people you enrolled your child at a place is not a good idea. You do not want to share where your child is going to be every day when you are at work, since people can find out and stalk your baby. Be smart and keep personal information personal.

8 When You Are Angry At Your Kids

We know that as much as you love your kids and will do anything for them, there are going to be times when your kids push your buttons and will get you angry. Though you might (understandably) want to vent to your partner or close friend, you should not vent and post about it online.

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It is not right for you to share any of that information online about you being angry at your children and what they did to get you to feel this way. Kids are still learning and they need to have moments in their life where they can grow and not be shamed online about it.

7 Tacky Jokes Or Puns About Your Kids

My biggest pet peeve that some parents do when posting about their child on social media is sharing that their child is a “boob man,” since they are breastfeeding or anything else that tacky about their little one.

These types of jokes that people used on social media are not funny and are just distasteful. Nor would your child want to see something like that when they grow up and understand the joke you made. Remember that your kids are children and they should not be the butt of a joke, or be used to make an adult joke.

6 Anything Poop Related

Every parent knows that diaper duty and potty training can be messy. After all, it's normal. However, even if you are not sharing a picture, no one on your friend's list is interested in hearing about the “explosion” that happened in your child’s diaper or the mess they made in their crib and how it got everywhere.

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This is not what people want to see a disgusting story about your child’s poop on their account trying to relax on a break or after work. So keep your social media feed full of positivity instead of poop!

5 What Sports Team Your Kids Are In

One of the best things you can do for your child it to get them involved with sports. Sports help kids learn valuable skills that they can use throughout their life while keeping them physically fit. Without even thinking, you might be understandably tempted to share pictures of them and their team.

However, once you do this, you are telling everyone what team your child is on and where they can find them. This can help people to stalk your child by them being able to look up that team's schedule for games and practices.

4 Naked Pictures Of Your Babies

There is no doubt about it that all babies are adorable and you want to take as many pictures of your little one as possible when they are still small. While classic bath time photos are fine for family photo albums, you should not be sharing those kinds of pictures any one social media platform.

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This is because once you put something on the internet, it can be found by literally anyone. And by anyone, I mean someone who you do not know who might share these sensitive photos to certain suspicious sites. Protect your child by not putting any naked pictures of them online.

3 When Your Kid Is Sick

When you love sharing things on social media, you want to share everything! And this means when your child is sick and under the weather, you are going to be inclined to share about your child being sick. Thing is, people do not want to see a picture of your child sick in bed with a fever.

Of course, there is a big difference between posting about your child being sick and asking people to keep them in your thoughts and prayers and just announcing that they are sick. Be mindful before you hit the Post button when you want to tell everyone that your little one is under the weather.

2 The Name Of Your Kid's School

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There are times when you are going to be so proud of your child that you are going to want to share what happened with other people. Many popular posts that people like to share are when their child gets honor roll or even student of the month at school.

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This might seem innocent, but you may not realize that other people can tell where your child goes to school when you post something like that. You do not want to put anything that personal online when your kids can get targeted by other people.

1 If Your Kids Lied Or Acted Out Towards You

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Social media has turned into a place where we like to share everything good and bad. Though sharing the good moments of your life with people is not wrong, you need to carefully think about what you share when you are upset.

As a mom, you should never post anything on your social media accounts when your child lied or acted out towards you. Sure you might be upset and frustrated about a situation with your child, you should not publicly shame them on your social media accounts because of it.

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