What To Know About The Snowstorm Hitting The Midwest And East Coast


If you thought the worst part of winter was over, think again. A huge snowstorm has hit a large portion of the Midwest and the East Coast today, bringing with it treacherous conditions and major disruptions. Cities like Detroit, Chicago, Washington, D.C and New York City have been affected so far.

The snowstorm breezed in overnight, but while the kids might be loving it, it's set to get worse - and fast. Officials say that the storm will move from snow to sleet and rain, making it likely that the freezing temperatures will create black ice that can have deadly consequences. The National Weather Service is warning residents to be vigilant in these extreme conditions, particularly in the copious amounts of freezing rain expected to fall in "areas near and east of Interstate 95."

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Chicago hit the news earlier this year when an Arctic front blasted through the Midwest. Reporters were broadcast showing water turning into ice when it was thrown into the air in the midst of the cold snap which claimed the lives of at least 8 people. Temperatures reached a record-breaking low of -51 degrees. Just as life was beginning to return to normal, mother nature has dealt them another blow with this latest snow storm which is expected to end on Thursday.

For now, though, the carnage continues, with at least five dead in the Midwest according to Reuters. Travel has also been disrupted throughout the areas affected, with many left stranded in airports as they deal with flight cancellations.

Washington is likely to get around 8 inches of snow before it's through, with Central and Northern Virginia likely to get around 10 inches. Maryland Department of Transportation has taken to Twitter to warn drivers to take it especially slowly if they decide to travel, but their feed has been littered with messages regarding crashes and road closures for the majority of the day.

If you are in one of the affected areas, then be sure to stay safe and only travel when absolutely necessary.

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