10 Snacks Your Kids Can Make Themselves

If there's one undeniable things about kids, it's the fact they are always hungry. While children love their snacks, their parents don't always love making these snacks. Preparing snacks throughout the day can be time consuming for parents, so why not teach your kids how to get their own snacks?!

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Of course, it all depends on your child's age, as toddlers will probably not be quite ready to prepare food. However, starting around age 5 or 6, kids can start helping themselves to snacks. Ones that are healthy, yummy, and easy to make! These snacks go a step or two beyond simply grabbing ready-to-eat food from the refrigerator, as kids start to experiment with their own chef skills. We found 10 simple, yet delicious snacks that are appropriate for kids ages 5 and up to make themselves!

10 Banana Sushi

This is one type of sushi your kids are sure to enjoy! Don't worry, there's no raw fish or deep frying involved here, as the main ingredient is simply a banana. The list of ingredients also includes melted peanut butter, mini chocolate chips, crumbled graham crackers, and chopped strawberries.

Of course, this means either an adult needs to chop the berries, or your child (if age-appropriate) can use a butter knife to slice them up. If your child is old enough to use the microwave, then they can also melt their own peanut butter to drizzle on top of this sweet and healthy snack!

9 Emoji Fruit

Not only is this a healthy snack option, but it's also super fun! Adult supervision may be required depending on your kid's age, but for the most part, this is a kid-friendly snack.

Simply have sliced watermelon and pineapple on hand for them to grab and turn into a silly treat! Using small cookie cutters, your child can create their own emojis while enjoying a refreshing after-school snack. It's a win-win!

8 Pitas

This snack is truly one kids can make themselves with no adult help needed! Peanut butter or Nutella makes for a great spread and a bit of fruit is the final touch. It's really that simple for kids to make both a nutritious and filling snack!

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Ingredients include peanut butter or Nutella, sliced bananas and sliced apples, if your child is old enough to cut them on their own. If not, try a meat and cheese pita with mustard or mayonnaise that requires no knives.

7 Peanut Butter Pinwheels

These delicious-looking pinwheels are very straightforward and even young children can make them! All you need is a tortilla, peanut butter or Nutella, a banana, and some granola. Spread the peanut butter on the tortilla, sprinkle granola, and then place the banana before rolling it all up.

Then simply slice into sections to create a yummy pinwheel! Younger kids may need help cutting, though, but they're well on their way to being self-sufficient snack makers!

6 Apple Pizzas

How creative are these?! Of course, actual pizza may be a bit tricky for youngsters to make on their own, but this version is easy as pie!

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An adult can pre-slice an apple for younger kids, while older ones can handle that part on their own, depending on skill level. They then need to simply spread peanut butter, cream cheese, or greek yogurt on each apple slice, then add fruits, granola and even honey to sweeten it up even more!

5 Yogurt Bark

A super cool (literally!) treat that even young children can handle, this frozen snack is perfect for beginning chefs. Only three things are needed: yogurt (greek honey is recommended), freeze-dried strawberries, and parchment paper.

From there, your child only needs to line a baking pan with the parchment, spread out the yogurt evenly, and sprinkle in the strawberries. After that, it's only a matter of waiting for the yogurt to freeze solid, which may take a few hours. This is not only good snack-prepping practice, but also great for learning patience!

4 Ice Pops

This refreshing warm weather treat is very quick and easy for even little ones to whip up! You'll only need popsicle molds and a few ingredients to make this cold snack possible.

Anything from chopped fresh or frozen fruits, coconut water, lemonade, or juice works to create homemade ice pops. All your child needs to do is pour their own mixture into the molds and pop into the freezer until frozen solid and boom, they have a perfect snack.

3 Trail Mix

Not only is this a satisfying snack, but it's also fun and super simple to create! We would recommend having portion sizes labeled for your youngsters before allowing them free range in the snack bins, though.

Foods such as dried fruits, cereals, nuts, goldfish crackers, and even chocolate chips (for a bit of sweetness) make for the perfect kid-friendly trail mix. The best part? No adult help required!

2 Yogurt With Granola

This healthy option is great for school-aged kids! The ingredients can be prepped and ready to go for when they arrive home from school. Simply have granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit, such as raspberries and blueberries, on hand and let them do the rest!

All your child will need to do is wash their fruit, pour the granola, and pick out a flavor of yogurt in order to have a filling and tasty snack! No cooking needed.

1 Cheese And Cracker Plate

This classic, yet satisfying snack will never go out of style. Plus, it's perfect for younger children just learning how to make themselves a quick bite to eat. All they need is access to crackers, salami or pepperoni slices, and cheese.

We would recommend first showing them how much cheese and crackers is appropriate for their age group, though, as young ones may go a bit overboard with filling their plates!

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