If You're Looking For a Fun Family Film, Then 'Smallfoot' is For You


Now that we're back into the hustle and bustle of fall, taking time out to have a family outing can seem impossible. It's important to try to carve out those moments to give the family time to reconnect, but then when you've got the time, it's hard to find something that will be fun for everyone. Honestly, you can very rarely go wrong with seeing a movie. A family oriented film may feel silly, especially when you have older kids, but they always have something for everyone. And DreamWorks' new family film, Smallfoot, is no exception. It is the perfect film for making family time on a Saturday happen.

We were lucky to get to see an early screening of the movie, and it did not disappoint. I have a five year old son, and we saw the trailer for Smallfoot earlier this summer. That initial trailer looked so cute and funny, I knew we'd definitely see it. It's a clever play on the Yeti myth, and the voice cast is pretty amazing.

Smallfoot tells the story of a Yeti named Migo who comes in contact with a smallfoot (a human) out on a mountain. After being told that smallfoots don't exist, naturally, Migo goes looking for more answers, against his better judgment and the rules of the Yeti community. He discovers an underground conspiracy theory group lead by the leader's daughter and embarks on an adventure to find out more. He finds a whole town of smallfoots, and strikes up a relationship with one, a washed up nature documentary maker. Chaos ensues, and both the humans and the yetis learn a lot about each other.

So many of the themes in Smallfoot felt familiar but not overdone. In today's climate, a movie about two very different species learning how to not only peacefully co-exist but actually understand each other and become friends is especially poignant. But there are also the notions of seeking truth and challenging the status quo that will make it more appealing to older audiences. As parents we're often bored by the ridiculousness of most children's entertainment, but adults were captivated and moved by this film.

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Though it is not really advertised as such, Smallfoot is a musical; there are several original songs sung during the film. The songs really enhance the film, and it doesn't feel cheesy or over the top at all. It makes sense though, when you have voice actors like Channing Tatum, Zendaya, James Corden and Common, who we know have musical backgrounds, why wouldn't you have them sing? But fear not, the songs aren't big productions, they are just an elevated way to tell the story. And hearing James Corden sing a song that's a play off Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure," is fun for parents or grandparents.

Smallfoot opens this Friday, September 28th. Definitely take some time out and bring your family to see it!

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