10 Tips For Holding A Successful Slumber Party

One activity that kids love doing with their friends is having a sleepover. There is just something about getting all of your friends together to stay up late and hanging out on the weekend that is special. But if you are the one hosting the slumber party, you might feel like you do not know where to start for hosting.

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Having more kids at your house can feel overwhelming if you are not prepared. Before you even consider hosting a slumber party you need to keep reading to discover the tips for holding a successful slumber party for your little one and their friends!

10 Keep The Guest List Small

A typical mistake that parents make when hosting a sleepover is inviting too many people! You need to make sure to keep the guest list small so you can watch after the kids and not feel like they are completely taking over the house. This is something that you are really going to have to keep to if you have young kids that are going to need to be supervised more than older kids. Don’t feel pressured to invite the whole neighborhood and instead invite s few close friends for the slumber party.

9 Give Them Space

If you are hosting a sleepover with younger kids you are going to want to be around them so you know what is going on, but you can feel free to give them some space. Giving them space lets the kids relax and enjoy being over at your house without fearing you are watching over them making sure they are perfect angels. Just being in the next room can give the kids a chance to play while you are an earshot away in case they need you for anything. So let the kids be kids and give them some space when they are all playing together.

8 Put A Movie On When It’s Time To Settle Down

When hosting a sleepover you dream that the kids are going to go to bed at a reasonable time, but that is not always the case. A great way to help the kids start to wind down is to put on a movie.

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This movie should, of course, be age-appropriate and is something that is not going to work them up. A go-to pick for this can be an animated movie since those always go over well with kids. Make sure that when you put the movie on for them you also turn off the lights so they can start to get used to the dark.

7 Have A Time Frame For Parents To Pick Up Their Kids

As you are creating the invite to the slumber party you are putting a time when parents can drop off their kids at your house, but remember to put a pick-up time too! Telling parents to pick up their kids whenever can backfire. After spending the whole night and morning with the kids you are going to be tired and you are not going to want any lingers waiting for their parents. Setting a time to get their kids at 10:30 gives them a chance to wake up, eat breakfast, and get ready without you having to watch them for a whole day.

6 Let Them Get A Little Loud

girls at a sleepover

Kids are known for being loud. And when they have their friends over you can expect your little one to be louder than normal. Though you want to be mindful of your neighbors and others in the house, letting your kids be a little loud won’t make you a push over.

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Or course, we do not mean to let them scream on the top of their lungs, but it wouldn’t hurt if you get a little bit louder than usual when playing. Let your child and their friends make some noise when they are playing, just make sure they are still being respectful and not yelling.

5 Clear Space For Sleeping Before They Arrive

Having a sleepover means you need to figure out where your child and their friends are going to spend the night. This can be in your little one’s bedroom or in the living room. But either way, we know there is going to be stuff you are going to have to clear up so your guest has somewhere to sleep. This might mean your child needs to clean their room or having you and your partner move the living room table to people can sleep on the floor.

4 Set Quiet Hours

girls at a sleepover

Of course, when your gust arrives you are going to want to tell them the house rules, but you are also going to want to tell them when quiet hours are and not to be loud during that time frame.

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We know kids are excited when they get to see their friends and being able to sleep next to each other just builds that excitement, so they are probably not going to go to bed when you tell them too. But telling them to be quiet during a set time frame can help you and the rest of the house get some sleep.

3 Keep The Food Simple

Hosting a slumber party means you need to be able to feed the kids two meals and have a snack. When shopping for foods make it simple and go for names that people love everywhere. Pick up some cereal for kids to choose from, pizza for supper, and pick up some healthy snacks to like fresh fruits and veggies so the kids are not completely sugared out at the slumber party. Having foods that every child loves makes it more likely that your guest is going to enjoy what they are having at your house.

2 Set Out Games Beforehand

Hosting multiple kids at your house means that they are going to need to be entertainment before they go to bed. Before any of your guests arrive set up a station that has different games and activities so the kids will know what they can choose from to play. This will let the kids have an easier time picking out games that you already approved to play and that you know have enough players so no one is left out. Start looking around the house for games that your little one and their friends can play at the slumber party.

1 Have Extra Blankets And Pillows

Whenever you host a slumber party, you are always hoping that the kids invited will bring their pillows and baskets they need for the night. But sometimes things are forgotten and you want to make sure everyone has what they need. This is why it is best to have extra blankets and pillows for kids who forgot or need more. Having these ready will make you feel more prepared and not running around the house looking for extras when the kids are about to go to sleep and realize they need one.

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