10 Things To Know About Sleepwalking & Kids

One of the best feelings as a parent is putting your child down for bed after a long day so you can enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet, but if your child sleepwalks then you might not be able to relax once they go to bed. Sleepwalking is a common occurrence that happens to kids of all ages.

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This can involve them getting out of bed, walking around, and even talking, seeming like they are awake, even when they are still actually sleeping. So keep reading to discover ten things you need to know about sleepwalking in kids.

10 Try To Get Your Child To Relax Before Bed

Some doctors believe that there are a few ways that you can help your child with their sleepwalking problem. According to HealthLine.com, getting your child to relax before their bedtime can really help them avoid sleepwalking at night. Try to get your child to take a nice warm bath to help relax their body. Also, keep electronics away from them at least thirty minutes before bed can help their brain get away from all of the blue lights the see throughout the day which can keep their minds up at night.

9 Kids Can Outgrow Sleepwalking

If you are dealing with a sleepwalker, it can be stressful for you making sure they are going to be safe when they are sleepwalking, but luckily sleepwalking is not forever and is typically a stage in life. MayoClinic.org reports that kids will typically outgrow sleepwalking when they go into their teen years. This can be because their brains are more developed to help them process everything they see and do throughout the day. So if your little one is sleepwalking, but is close to being in their teenage years, you will usually see that their sleepwalking will get better over time.

8 There Can Be A Major Reason Why Your Child Is Sleepwalking

When your child is sleepwalking you want to know what is causing them to not get a good nights sleep. BoardVitals.com shows that though the majority of sleepwalkers sleepwalking due to common stressors in life, sometimes it is because of a major reason.

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Some of the more serious reasons why people sleepwalk is due to head injury, stroke, or bloated stomach. That is why it is always best to talk to your child’s doctor about their sleepwalking to make sure it is not because of one of these major issues.

7 Avoid Caffeine Before Bedtime

You might be surprised that something that you are allowing your child to drink can affect their sleep and play a big role in their sleepwalking. KidHealth.org mentions that keeping your child away from caffeine before bed or just limiting their caffeine intake overall can help your child overcome their sleepwalking issues. Caffeine is something that helps people stay awake and though you are not letting your child drink coffee, any sodas they drink are going to have some amount of caffeine in them. Go through the fridge and make sure to get rid of any of the drinks that have caffeine in them.

6 Keep Track Of Their Sleep And Sleepwalking

A way to understand your child’s sleepwalking is to keep a log for them. ChildrensColorado.org suggests that parents of sleepwalkers should keep track of how often your child is sleeping and when they sleepwalk.

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Having a log of their sleep/sleepwalking can help you understand their sleepwalking better and can help when you talk to their doctor so you can be as accurate as possible about their condition. Make sure the next time your child goes to bed you make it down on a sheet a paper or on your phone.

5 Has A Typical Time It Occurs

If your child is sleepwalking you might start to notice a pattern in their sleepwalking behavior. This can be that every time your favorite show comes on or when you start to get ready for bed your child is walking around the house. BoardVitals.com reports that sleepwalkers will start getting out of their bed and walking around two to three hours after they fall asleep. Try to keep track of when your child goes to bed so you can be on the lookout for your child if they are sleepwalking so you can help them.

4 There Are Some Known Causes For Why People Sleepwalk

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We already mentioned that there can be a major reason why your child is sleepwalking. But often the times why someone sleepwalks is not as serious as those reasons. According to MayoClinic.org, the main reason why people sleepwalk is because of sleep deprivation, stress, or fever.

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All of these factors will affect how a person sleeps cause their brain stress. So talk to your child to see if there is anything in their life that is stressing them out our causing them anxiety. And hopefully getting them back on a sleep schedule will help with their sleepwalking.

3 Common Traits A Sleepwalker Has

At first, when your child is sleepwalking you might not even notice that they are sleeping still. All you might be thinking is that they are out of bed and now not listening to you calling out to them. KidHealth.org has reported that some common traits that a sleepwalker has may have others think they are awake. Sleepwalkers tend to sleep talk, seem in a daze, clumsy, and some repeatedly do motions like rubbing their eyes. If your child is acting like this, they are a sleepwalker and not being rude and ignoring you.

2 Keep Your Child Safe While Sleepwalking

While your child is sleepwalking you need to make sure that you are aware of where your child is and to make sure to keep them safe. If your house has stairs, they can be very dangerous for sleepwalkers since they can fall down them and hurt themselves.

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Also, you might notice them bumping into furniture. HealthLine.com shows that the best way to help a sleepwalker is to guide them back to their bedroom and to their bed so they can lie down and continue sleeping.

1 Talk To Your Child’s Doctor

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One of the best things that you can do for your child if they are experiencing sleepwalking is to talk to their doctor. Though many times sleepwalking will go away by itself, you want to make sure there is no underlying cause as to why your child is sleepwalking. You should know if your child needs any testing done on them now then waiting months before bringing it up to their doctor. So make sure to set up an appointment to talk about your child’s sleep schedule and sleepwalking to make sure everything is okay with them.

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