10 Ways To Get A Good Night's Sleep When Heavily Pregnant

Being pregnant can be tough, but being heavily pregnant can be even tougher. Yes, the later stages of pregnancy can really test a person, especially when it starts to get unbearable. At first, being pregnant was fun; you were happy, you felt excited when you first started to see your little bump. However, 8-and-a-half months in, you end up wanting your little lodger to remove themselves and come join the real world.

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One of the worst things during this stage is the inability to sleep. No matter what you do, you just can't get comfortable, resulting in an emotional train wreck that makes everything else that much harder to cope with. Don't worry, though, we have some tips that should help!

10 Prop Your Body

It is important to remember that while you are pregnant you are going to need a large number of pillows. In fact, you can never have enough. When it comes to pillows, there is no such thing as too much, with the pillows designed to support and comfort your ever-growing belly.

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Once you have gathered enough pillows, make sure you prop your head up so it is above the rest of your body. Try putting some pillows under your arms too. Not only will this make things more comfortable but it is also good for the baby.

9 Comfort Is Key

Having a comfortable bed is one of the most important things when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. Therefore, it is extra important to make sure that your bed is as comfortable as it could possibly be while pregnant. In fact, why not buy a new bed altogether?

Think of it as a treat for carrying around a bowling ball for nine months: you deserve it, right? Yes, a comfortable bed really does help when it comes to getting some shut-eye. Think extra pillows, soft sheets and plenty of room to spread your arms and legs.

8 Turn Down The Temperature

Being pregnant can increase many things, from appetite to frustration. It can also do crazy things to a person's average body temperature. Yes, the extra blood flow can boost your metabolism by an extra 20%, thus creating more body heat and more sweat.

In fact, a pregnant woman's average body temperature can rise to around 37.8°C compared to a normal body temperature of 37°C. As a result, such an intense body temperature can often stop you from sleeping, so make sure you keep your bedroom cool with AC or by using an electric fan.

7 Stop Heartburn

Unfortunately, being pregnant and getting heartburn seemingly go hand in hand. Yes, if you are pregnant, it is very likely that you will experience heartburn at some point in your pregnancy. As a result, this can often stop you from getting a good night's rest, so make sure you avoid certain foods that can trigger unwanted attacks.

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For instance, stay away from spicy, fried or acidic products such as tomato-based foods. Furthermore, make sure you sleep with your head propped up with pillows. Lastly, try not to lie down so soon after eating, as this will also increase your chances of heartburn.

6 Stretch

People often underestimate the importance of stretching, especially with regards to the benefits that it has on your body. For instance, stretching helps keep the muscles strong and healthy, something extremely important while pregnant. Furthermore, stretching helps muscles remain flexible, also extremely beneficial during those later months.

Another advantage is the effect that it has on your posture, another positive when 8-months pregnant. Plus, to make things even better, stretching can also help you get some well-earned rest. Yes, stretching just before bed can relax the muscles and get them ready for bed.

5 Drink Plenty Of Water (But Not In The Evening)

Everybody knows that drinking water is one of the best things you can do both physically and mentally. Yes, water has several health benefits, such as boosting energy levels and increasing the function of the brain. Therefore, it is even more important to drink enough water while you are pregnant too.

Yes, plenty of fluids make your pregnancy a whole lot easier, and can really relax the body and calm down the brain, thus resulting in a better night's sleep. However, try to avoid drinking water around bedtime as this will just increase the urge for nighttime urination, and nobody wants that.

4 Keep Your Knees Bent

It is common for heavily pregnant women to find themselves tossing and turning while in bed. The need for comfort is higher than usual; therefore, it seems impossible to find the perfect position. Your regular sleeping positions might no longer be feasible, but there are a number of other positions that can be perfect for those with large tummies and high body temperatures.


One way to remain comfortable is to lie on your side, put a pillow between your legs and keep both your legs and knees bent. Not only is this comfortable but it also reduces shortness in breath and back pain.

3 Exercise

Let's face it, only a small part of the population enjoy exercising, therefore it is even more difficult to exercise while 8 months pregnant. However, believe it or not, it is actually rather good for you, and also helps you get to sleep easier at night.

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Yes, getting some exercise can improve things such as circulation and leg cramps, which in turn helps with a better night's sleep. In fact, the more active the person, the more likely they are to enjoy a full eight hours. Just make sure you don't exercise too close to bedtime, otherwise your adrenaline will force you to stay awake.

2 Pregnancy Pillows

These days, pregnancy pillows are a must-have for a mother-to-be. So, what exactly are they? pregnancy pillows provide women with the perfect pillow that offers extreme comfort during sleep. The pillow is designed to adapt to the curves of your body as well as helping find comfort in a variety of sleeping positions.

For many women, the pregnancy pillows are a dream come true, especially in those later months. In fact, the pregnancy pillow does a lot more than just providing support, it can also help reduce body pain, as well as helping blood circulation.

1 Sleep On Your Left Side

According to most pregnancy specialists, the best way to sleep when heavily pregnant is the "SOS" (sleep on side) position. The SOS position advises women to sleep on their left side, with their legs and knees bent. Doctors state that sleeping on your left side increases the amount of blood and nutrients in your body, thus reaching the placenta and eventually your unborn baby.

Unfortunately, it can be very uncomfortable to remain in the same sleeping position all through the night. However, with the aid of pregnancy pillows, a comfortable bed, and a cooler room, it can be easier to achieve.

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