Sleeping Next To Your Snoring Husband Can Be Really Bad For Your Health

The life of a mom is nonstop action from the moment she wakes up until the minute her head hits the pillow, at night. The days are so hectic that the thought of that blissful sleep at night may be the only thing getting her through her busy day.

That's why any disruptions in sleep may be downright upsetting. When you go to lay down and hear the loud meow of a cat or the chirps of crickets, you may find your blood boiling as you think of ways to drown out the annoying sounds! But as annoying as those sounds are, they're occasional and don't do much harm, unlike the worst type of sleep disruptions which usually come from the one whom you love most.

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There is nothing more frustrating than settling into bed, trying to relaxed and clear your head, so that you can drift off to sleep, only to be jolted out of your zen-filled moment by the snoring sounds of your husband. The sound doesn't have to be loud, either, as the smallest of snorts can completely mess your ability to go to sleep and stay asleep.

And as it turns out, being annoyed is the least of your worries when it comes to a snoring spouse. A recent study has shown that sleeping next to a snorer can have adverse effects on your health. This study conducted by researchers at Queen’s University in Canada, discovered that while the sound of snoring didn’t have much of an impact on the people who were actually snoring themselves, the snoring did, however, negatively impact the sleep of anyone who slept next to them.

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A similar study done by the Imperial College of Science in London discovered that loud noises like snoring can raise your blood pressure, and other studies have shown that broken sleeping patterns, which can be caused by a snoring partner, can increase the risk of anxiety and depression. People who have broken sleep patterns are also more likely to suffer from obesity and be at risk of having a stroke. Not getting enough sleep can also make you irritable and cranky throughout the day, and less productive in general.

Sleep is vital to function for anyone, but especially for a busy mom. If you're not getting adequate sleep because of a snoring partner, there are some natural things  you can do to help your spouse stop snoring. If your spouse is overweight, those extra pounds may be the cause of the snoring, which means that losing weight may cure them of their nightly noise making. Sleeping on their side or with their head raised, can also help eliminate snoring. If your spouse drinks alcohol before bedtime or is a smoker, this can also contribute to snoring; eliminating these activities may help you to get a restful night's sleep.

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