'Sister Wives' Star, Mari Brown, Reportedly Leaves Kody And Family

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Meri Brown, one of Kody Brown's four spouses featured on TLC's drama-filled reality series Sister Wives, has officially moved on and out of the family fold.

The 47-year-old married Kody way back in 1990, before reality TV was even a thing, making her the first of the sister wives. Three years later Janelle joined the family, followed by Christine and, finally, Robyn. If you're more familiar with the idea of the show than the actual inner-workings of the Brown family, let us catch you up.

As In Touch Weekly points out, Meri had to divorce Kody in 2014 so that he could legally marry Robyn. The state recognizes one marriage as legal, while the others simply have what are considered "spiritual unions."

Meri Brown in front of bed and breakfast
Credit: Instagram / Meri Brown

In total, those spiritual and legal unions have produced 14 children for Kody.

After years of televised friction, Meri has finally flown the coop. She has reportedly returned to Utah, the state she once had to leave with her fellow sister wives because of their strict anti-polygamy laws.

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Now the mother of one daughter, 22-year-old Mariah, is happily involved with a mystery man who isn't interested in the limelight and happens to be the friend of her biological sister's husband. Considering the non-stop drama Meri endured with Kody and the other wives, this seems to be just the kind of low-key life the form Mrs. Brown can enjoy.

In Touch Weekly sources say that Meri is trying to maintain a friendship with her ex for the sake of the show, but the won't be candy-coating their situation for television audiences.

The Cheat Sheet reports that just last December Meri struck out on her own to open a bed and breakfast in Utah called Lizzie's Heritage Inn. The home once belonged to her great-grandparents and the venture is one she runs alongside her mother. This clearly laid the groundwork for Meri to flex her independence and earn money entirely on her own.

The news come as a welcome relief for Sister Wives fans who felt heartbreak for the reality star after she was publicly involved in an online catfishing scam. Meri, who thought she had found love online via Twitter in 2015, quickly learned that he was actually a she -- a serial con-artist named Jackie Overton.

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