'Sister Wives' Star Announces Their Pregnancy

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The TLC show Sister Wives premiered to a whole lot of controversy back in 2010. It followed Kody Brown and his four wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. If you're thinking that four wives is three too many, well, you'd be right! The Browns are polygamists, although only one of the marriages is actually legal (Kody and Meri were married in 1990 and have since divorced). The other marriages were considered spiritual unions, which allowed the family to evade prosecution for polygamy. There was a lot of drama, a lot of kids, and it was generally one of those train wreck shows we've come to expect from TLC.

But there's some good news coming out of the Brown family - a new baby is on the way! Not another one for Kody, though. Janelle and Kody's daughter Maddie Brown Brush and her husband Caleb are expecting their second child together.

Maddie and Caleb were married in June 2016, and they already have one son together, 20-month-old Axel James. The next addition will arrive in August 2019. Axel is the first grandchild in the Brown family, and we're sure everyone is over the moon about the next little one! We'll say this, these kiddos will have a lot of grandmas and aunts and uncles, and the more people to love a child, the better.

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A new baby on the way isn't the only big change for the Brown-Brush family this year! The couple recently moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Greenville, North Carolina, where Caleb got a new job. That means leaving their family behind (the Browns moved from Lehi, Utah to Las Vegas in 2011, then moved again to Baderville, Arizona in 2018), which we know can be so hard when you've got young kids. But it sounds like Maddie and Caleb are forging their own path, and that can be so exciting!

We imagine it isn't easy growing up on TV, especially on a show as controversial as Sister Wives. Growing up with four moms and one dad under the same roof was their normal, but to the rest of us, it was a bit unusual. We're glad to see that Maddie and her little family have been able to branch out on their own, and we wish them the best!

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