Sister Outraged When Her Sister Steals Her Baby Name For Her Dog

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When it comes to baby-naming, there are certain unspoken rules in play that should really be followed at all costs. First, you don't ever criticize the name someone chooses for their baby, especially to their face. Second, you don't offer other suggestions after they tell you what name they've settled on. And third, you never intentionally steal someone else's baby name. We say intentionally because names are names, and unless you've chosen the MOST unique name in the entire world, chances are someone, somewhere has the same name.

You don't own your baby's name, but it's always nice to do the right thing and not swipe a name from someone - especially if you know that person is using/will be using the name for their own kids. But what are the rules as they apply to dog names? Does name etiquette only apply to human children? That's the dilemma one woman is facing, after her sister stole the name she chose for her new dog, with the intent of using it for her yet-to-be-born son. The woman took to Am I the Assh*le? on Reddit to ask if she is, indeed, the assh*le for being made about her name being swiped.

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The woman starts off by saying that she has a somewhat strained relationship with her family (for reasons, at least in part, that will become clear shortly). She goes on to say that she doesn't plan on having kids. But she has dogs! Like most of us, she picked out names for kids when she herself was a kid, and now she plans on using those names for her doggos. Makes total sense! For a male dog, she'd always planned on using the name Waylon. She vocalized her love for the name many times over the years, so her family (and sister) should have been more than aware. Well, she finally got a male dog, and was excited to be able to name him Waylon. That is until her parents informed her that her sister was pregnant, with a boy, and was planning on naming the child Waylon.

Now, poster is a bit suspicious, for a couple of reasons. Her family knew she loved the name. They also (presumably) knew she wasn't planning on having kids. And the name itself isn't exactly common - outside of country music, most people wouldn't be familiar with it. Is her sister a country music fan? Well, no, she is Itnot. To make matters worse, her family is now telling her she needs to pick a new name, since she was going to be using it for "just a dog". So she wants to know - is she the assh*le for refusing to change the name?

The Reddit community, who doesn't always get it right in these situations, overwhelmingly came down on poster's side. It's "her" name, she is more than entitled to use it as she sees fit, and if her sister doesn't like it, she can choose a new name. Or stick with Waylon! It wouldn't be the end of the world for the baby and dog to share a name, especially since these sisters don't seem close and the two would probably not interact much. We agree with Reddit here, definitely NOT the assh*le. What say you?

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