Mom Warns That A Light-Up Sippy Cup Exploded In Her Face

Let's chat light up sippy cups for a second, shall we? We've all been in the store and have seen them. Heck, you've probably experienced your toddler having a tantrum and begging you for one at some point. Well, if you found yourself giving into their pressure (no judgment!), then you might want to make sure it ends up in the garbage after reading this moms story. Don't worry, your toddler probably already forgot about it by now.

A mom from Boise, Idaho, shared with her local news outlet KTVB, that her son's light-up sippy cup exploded in her face and she ended up in the hospital. Wow, just wow.

Dzevada Becirovic, the Boise mom, was pouring her 1-and-a-half-year-old son Kaysen milk in a Nuby 360° Insulated Light-up Wonder Cup when the lithium-ion battery exploded and immediately impaired her breathing.

She said, "I was just standing right here, I grabbed milk out of the fridge — just regular milk, I went and poured it. Turned around to put the milk back, I turned around to grab the lid and I was about to put it on it and it blew," Becirovic told KTVB. "It was super scary. I immediately couldn't breathe — my lungs were on fire, my throat, I couldn’t stop coughing."

It reads on the Nuby website, where the cup can be purchased for about eight dollars that it is meant for kids ages one and up (ahem: Kaysen is one and a half) and his mom was using the cup properly. Obviously, no cup used by anyone, child or adult, should ever be able to explode, you would think that goes without saying.

After the explosion happened, Becirovic had to have a neighbor come watch her son so that she could rush to the hospital. While there, she said the doctor gave her a breathing treatment and medication to relax her throat. Then another breathing treatment was given as a followup appointment that happened a few days later.

We're all, of course, wondering what the brand has to say about this needless accident. A lawyer for Luv n'care, which is Nuby's parent company has come forward to share with KTVD that all their cups are thoroughly inspected and tested before anything is put on shelves. Nuby has since asked that Becirovic mail in the cup that exploded so that they are able to determine what happened and obviously prevent it from happening again.

The attorney also shared with Romper that as of right now, this is the only complaint that they have ever received that has been brought to their attention as well as the apology, "We are very sorry this incident occurred, but it did not happen due to an issue with our Light-up cup. The bottom line is the Nuby Light-up cup is safe and the only way for it to have exploded as the consumer claims is if it was cooked in a microwave oven."

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