Silver Highlights Are The Newest Trend Taking Over Pinterest

Hair trends often come and go, with colors like Nordic white, lavender grey and oil slick hair all finding their time in the hair trend spotlight, but there's one new trend that seems to be sticking around. Silver hair and silver highlights is a hair trend that women are definitely here for, whether it means embracing one's natural grey highlights or adding in silver streaks for a dramatic look. The trend towards grey hair started to become popular back in 2015, and last year it really took hold proving that embracing your natural silver highlights isn't just a temporary fad.

Back in December of last year Pinterest, the social sharing network that allows users to 'pin' their favorite items, predicted that grey hair and silver highlights would once again be a huge trend for 2019. The site noted an 879% increase (!!!) in searches for 'going grey', leading them to correctly predict that women would continue to not only embrace their natural grey hair but spend money in salons to get that silver hair highlight look.

Women of all ages are growing tired of having to run to the salon every six to eight weeks to get their hair color done, and allowing their natural grey to grow in and embracing their silver highlights is a great way to avoid so many costly salon visits. Letting grey grow in naturally is becoming the hottest new trend for summer because it's lower maintenance and it looks amazing!

Silver highlights are so hot right now that even women who don't have natural grey are asking for the look. Stylists are using silver to accent blonde highlights and the results are incredible.

Silver ombre is another gorgeous way women are embracing this hot hair trend. The look is simply stunning.

Lilac hair also saw a huge increase in searches, up 1077% on Pinterest, so it's no surprise that many creative stylists have combined silver and lilac hair to create an unusual yet gorgeous blend of the two colors.

Whether you've decided it's time to embrace your natural grey hair or you want a striking new look for summer, silver highlights are definitely the way to go.

For years women have felt they needed to cover up their grey, but this new trend is proving how stunning and empowering it can be to embrace those natural highlights!

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