10 Signs You're Ready For Another Baby

Some moms already know that they want to have more than one child well before they even gave birth to their first born, while others are surprised by the desire, they get to have another baby once they start to catch baby fever all over again. Most of us show some kind of sign when we are ready to have another baby. Sometimes the signs are subtle, while other times they are right under your nose. Some moms get a gut instinct that tells them they know what they are doing a great job as a parent and that perhaps it’s time for another baby. Other moms may decide that it is the right time to make their only child an older sibling. If you are unsure about having another baby, check out these ten signs to see if you can relate to any of them.

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10 Your Youngest Is Getting Older

If you start to notice that your little one maybe isn’t so little anymore, and you find yourself reminiscing about the good old days that weren’t too long ago; you may be ready for another baby. If you notice that you miss changing those stinky diapers after your youngest is in pull-ups or out of diapers, that could another sign that you may be ready to start planning for another child. Some moms really cherish those infant moments and wouldn't mind running through them again.

9 You Are Confident In Your Parenting Abilities

Most new parents are a nervous wreck the moment they bring their little one home for the first time. But as times goes on, you will most likely gain confidence in your parenting abilities. Once that happens, and you begin to trust your natural motherly instincts, it may be time to start thinking about having another baby because there is a good chance that you are ready for another one. You aren’t expected to feel 100 percent confident at all times, you are human after all, but, in general, you should feel confident in your decisions most of the time.

8 You’re Ready For A Change

Sometimes things can start to feel too routine for some people and the days start to bleed into one another – even your daily childcare routine starts to feel mundane. Or perhaps you feel like your children no longer need you the way they used to, a need for change may be in the air.

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If you crave feeling needed by your children and are looking for a change of pace, perhaps you are ready for another baby to love and cherish.

7 You Want A Sibling For Your Child

If you start feeling like maybe you would like your only child to become an older brother or sister, or your child starts to make remarks about wanting to have a little brother or sister and it actually starts to sound appealing to you, you may be ready to consider having another baby sometime in the near future. Not only would adding on to your adorable family make you feel complete, but it may also make for one happy son or daughter as well. We are sure that you have so much more love to share with another child.

6 You’ve Got Baby Fever

Every time you see a baby on TV or our in the streets, you start to get the butterflies in your stomach and that can only mean one thing; you have baby fever. You start daydreaming about what it would be like to get pregnant again or about who another baby would look like more; mom or dad. Every little thing you do, you seem to have baby on the brain. This could be a not so subtle sign that you are ready for another child.

5 Your Biological Clock Is Ticking

4 You Start Packing Away The Infant Clothing

If your infant is growing into an even more adorable toddler and you start to get a funny longing feeling in the pit of your stomach as you are starting to pack up his or her infant clothes, that may be a good indicator that you are ready to start growing your family even more. With each outfit you pack away, you feel that longing growing stronger and stronger. It may be time to discuss getting pregnant again with your partner.

3 Your Bestie Just Had A Baby

Some moms really only notice the urge to get ready to have another baby once their bestie or someone else they know is expecting their own little bundle of joy. Sometimes seeing our loved ones coddle a young child can make us want another one of our own.

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Some people plan on getting pregnant in tandem with their closest friend. If your bestie’s new addition to her family throws you for baby fever, it may be time to start considering having another baby of your own.

2 You Miss Having A Newborn

Newborns are so pure an innocent and they have that fresh baby scent that sends so many women rushing around and trying to get pregnant themselves. The newborn stages of a child’s life are what can mold the mother/child bond for life and there is nothing else in this world quite like it. If you find yourself feeling like this more often than not, you may be ready to start planning on having another child. You may long for the days when your child was just a newborn and everything was brand new to them.

1 You Want A Baby Of The Opposite Gender

If you have a son but are also dreaming a little girl, or have a daughter but are also wishing for a handsome little fellow, it may be time to start thinking about having another baby. There is no guarantee that you will actually get pregnant with the opposite gender, but it could be fun trying. Plus, we know that you will love your new baby regardless of his or her gender. And who wouldn’t mind seeing a tiny tike and all the new firsts that would get to share with this new baby as well!

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