Sick Day: 10 Things Mom Can Do When Her Kid Gets Sick (And 10 Ways To Avoid Catching It)

No kid likes getting sick, and everyone has their own memories of staying home with a cold, flu, or the chicken pox back when they were growing up. Whenever I would get sick as a child, my mom and I would have a great time and make little towns and houses out of construction paper and craft supplies because it was something that I saw in a book once. It was a fun bonding time, although of course, every mom would prefer that their kid was healthy 24/7.

When it's time to call it a sick day, a mom wants her child to recover quickly... but she's also crossing her fingers that she doesn't get sick as well. Moms have too much to do to come down with a bug and it's just always a bad time to get one. There are many things that a mom can do to help her little one get better and fast. There are also ways that a mom can stop herself from getting whatever her little one has picked up.

Here are 10 things that moms can do when their kid gets sick, and 10 ways that moms can avoid catching it.

Let's start with the 10 things mom can do for her little one...

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20 Hydration Is Key


When your kid is sick, you have to make sure that they're drinking on a regular basis. We can all agree that water is best (and we could all stand to drink more water, no matter what age we are and whether we're healthy or sick). But we do know the power that fruit juice holds over cute little ones, so that's totally up to a mom's discretion.

According to About Kids Health, there's one tip that moms can keep in mind: "Keep your child hydrated by giving small amount of fluids but frequently." We know that children don't always tell us when they're super thirsty so moms can remember this.

19 A Humidifier Is A Good Idea


Some of us might love humidifiers and put them in our bedroom and our kids' room during the cold winter months. Others might have never used them before. It's definitely a personal thing, but it could be a big help when our kid has to take a sick day (or a few).

Very Well Family suggests that kids can sleep with a humidifier if they're really congested from having a cold. This is a great idea and something that we might not have thought of. If anything can help our kid breathe better during this time, we're totally going to try it.

18 Help A Fever With Light Cotton Clothes

Scary Mommy

What do moms do when their kiddo has come down with a fever? According to Very Well Family, "High fever is common in children."

There are a few things that moms can do: "Light cotton clothes, acetaminophen, extra fluids, and complete rest are good ways to cope with fever."

We can all agree that it's not enjoyable to see our kid feeling so sick and that we want to help them as much as we can, and if we follow these tips, it seems like our little one will be feeling better pretty soon. Taking some deep breaths and staying in a calm frame of mind also seems like a good idea.

17 Make Homemade Popsicles


Something else that moms can do when their kid is home sick is make homemade popsicles.

This is an awesome idea from Real Simple. It's not only a cool thing that moms and kids can do together, but it's healthier than purchasing popsicles since many brands are filled with sugar and some other stuff that moms might not want their kids to eat.

There are lots of recipes that we can find online, and we can let our kid decide what flavors they want. Many of these recipes include fruit, and they're going to make our kids full of joy.

16 Bath Time For The Flu

Parents magazine

If there's anything worse than when you have the flu, it's when your kid has it. You don't like seeing them feel so gross and you would do anything to help them feel better.

There are a few things that moms can do when their kids come down with something, and this tip is pretty simple: About Kids Health suggests that kids take baths when they've got the flu.

Thankfully, moms can make it fun with a bubble bath, or they can read to them or sing songs. There's something so comforting and lovely about taking a warm bath when you're sick.

15 Chicken Soup Really Does Help


Chicken soup is good for the soul... and when you're super sick. We've all heard this many times, but hey, it's a popular food to eat when you're feeling run down for a reason.

As Very Well Family says, moms can give their kids chicken soup on a sick day: "Simple foods are of course the best when your child is beginning to recover, like chicken soup." They also suggest drinking this: "Warm honey, lemon, and water will ease a sore throat."

Moms can make their own chicken soup or buy it -- no judgment here at all. It's all about helping your kid feel better.

14 Cool Rooms


NHS suggests making sure that the room that your kid is in is fairly cool: "Keep the room airy without being drafty. If the room is too warm, they'll probably feel worse."

We can all relate to feeling like we're heating up when we're sick. Even if it's the middle of winter, we feel like we're sweating so much, it could be the middle of summer. Kids feel the same way and might be overheated if they're running a fever or even if they have a cold. Remembering to making sure that the house is cool enough so kids don't get too warm is a good idea.

13 Find Some Fun Things To Do


What should a mom and her kid do when they're taking a sick day? Kids might dream of ice cream and TV time... and that's about it... but there are so many other things that they can do. WebMD suggests that moms and kids play puzzles, games, and do crafts.

We can probably all remember being little and home sick. We wanted something, anything, to do because we felt super bored all the time. It's how every sick kid feels, so moms can come up with different ways to keep them from thinking about how bad they feel, and before moms know it, their kiddo will be back in business.

12 Sleep Is The Best Medicine


It's funny how we feel about naps depending on our age. As kids, we don't want to nap at all. We might not even want to go to bed at night. It's just not as entertaining and enjoyable as doing literally anything else. As adults, we wish that we could nap and probably would... if it wasn't for the massive pile of stuff on our to-do list.

According to NHS, kids who are home sick should definitely nap a lot. Moms know that some kids might not want to, but chances are, their kid will be feeling so sick that they will fall asleep even if they're convinced that it's way too boring to do so.

11 Remember Good Moments


No one likes being sick and wish that we could focus on anything else. Moms can help kids out during this tough time and be inspired by this great idea from Real Simple which will put a smile on everyone's faces.

The publication says that when kids have to take a sick day, moms can help them remember some happy moments: "Pull out your child’s baby book or family photo albums and leaf through them together. Children rarely tire of remembering vacations or hearing about the day they were born—and thinking about the good times can distract them from their sore throat or crummy tummy."

 And here are 10 things mom can do to avoid getting sick, herself...

10 The Kitchen Is A No-Go


Parents.com suggests that kids don't go into the kitchen while they're sick. This is because the kitchen has a lot of germs, and kids should stay in other rooms.

This is a really good tip and might not be something that we've thought about before. In fact, we might assume that a sick kid can be in every room. But this definitely gives us something to think about. Having them get all comfy in another room is the best way to go, and we can do that for sure. We don't think that kids would mind not being in the kitchen, so this should be easy to follow.

9 Don't Touch Toys


We know that keeping away from germs is a big thing when trying not to get sick, so it makes sense that we wouldn't want to touch our kid's toys during this time.

This advice comes from Healthy Women: as they say, "But every time he touches them, he'll just reinfect them. So it's a waste of time, and you'll only be unnecessarily touching germs."

This advice for how to deal is great: "Instead, wait until he's gone to bed to sanitize and disinfect them. You can also toss dirty toys in the washing machine or dishwasher (read the labels first)."

8 Share The Sick Kid With Dad/A Partner


We all have a lot to do all the time, and taking care of a sick kid is definitely a demanding thing. Sure, every mom is going to do their best to help their kid through this illness and they'll do it with a smile on their face, but it can be stressful and it can feel like a lot to do.

Best Health magazine suggests that moms have their partners/the kid's father help them out with their sick little one. We can see how this would help everyone since moms won't be doing everything and the kid will still be comforted and taken care of.

7 Sneezing Smart


When moms don't want to get sick, they can help their kids learn to sneeze differently. This is something else that is pretty crucial when trying not to catch a flu or cold.

According to Everyday Health, moms want to "stay safe from sneezes." They suggest having kids sneeze or cough with a tissue or directed toward their elbows. The publication says, "Second to regular hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes is the most important step in stopping the spread of illness in your home. Promptly throw away any tissues used to collect coughs, sneezes, or sniffles." They add that moms can wash their hands if they end up touching those tissues.

6 Put A Pause On The Cuddles


Moms want to cuddle their sick kids and help them feel better, but Parents.com says that cuddles are something that might have to take a backseat for the time being.

They say, "We know it sounds totally unrealistic, but try to put some distance between you and your kid when you can." They suggest blowing kisses or telling your kid that you love them so you're still being compassionate. We think that this is a great idea: kids won't mind since they're still being taken care of, and we'll be able to stop ourselves from getting sick (at least that's the hope).

5 Wash Hands A Lot

Working Mother

We often hear that we should be washing our hands a lot. This is even truer when our kid is sick.

Healthy Women says that there are germs everywhere: "Your sink. Refrigerator handles. Toys. The bathroom." They continue that it's important to wash our hands a lot: "That's why you should wash up frequently to help reduce your chances of getting your child's illness. You'll especially want to wash your hands after being near or touching your child, giving him medicine or changing a diaper."

This is a great reminder and if washing our hands can help us from getting sick, we'll definitely take it seriously.

4 Keep A Bit Of Distance

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Another way that moms can avoid catching their kid's illness is to keep a bit of distance. While it's tempting to be super close to them all the time because we want them to feel better and we want to help, that's what could get us sick.

NJ Family says, "Don’t share the same toothbrush, cup, food or towel, or let her sleep in your bed all night long (if you can help it with an under-the-weather child who just wants lots of cuddles and love)."

That last bit is important: of course we don't want to get sick, but if our kid is feeling really bad and we do want to help and be really close, then sometimes catching their cold is worth it if we can make them feel better.

3 Take A Sick Day


Everyday Health suggests that kids really do take a sick day when they've got something and that they can be in one area of the house: "Sick kids can’t go to school, and they shouldn’t have the run of the house either, at least until their symptoms ease up."

Chances are, our kid will be more than happy to be in a cozy, comfy area of the house, and we can get them all set up with blankets and toys and anything that their little heart desires. It'll benefit them and help them get better, and no one else will get sick, either.

2 Clean Up A Lot


When moms are dealing with a sick child and don't want to get sick themselves, they can do this really smart thing; clean up a lot. Sure, moms are always cleaning up so this might not sound like something new, but it's even more crucial to clean up now because of the germs. Using a disinfectant is crucial here too.

Parents.com suggests that moms purchase a disinfectant and use it in this way: "scrub spots that everyone in the family touches—the phone, toilet handle, remote control, and doorknobs—a few times a day when your child is sick to keep his germs contained."

1 Self-Care Helps


We know that self-care is key, and yet it can be tough to do this on a regular basis... especially when our kid comes down with something. But it's what we have to do if we want to avoid catching it.

NJ Family says, "Try as best you can to get a decent night’s sleep, drink lots of fluids yourself, eat well, even exercise if you can carve out a little time."

If moms can take care of their kids using these 10 tips and try to take care of themselves using the following 10 tips, then the whole family can get back to normal.

Sources: Aboutkidshealth.com, Webmd.com, Nhs.uk, Healthywomen.org, Everydayhealth.comBesthealthmag.caParents.com.

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