10 Great Reasons For Siblings To Share A Room

Having a brother or sister can be one of the biggest rewards in life. In most situations, you will have found a best friend for life, as well as someone who will irritate you more than anybody else in the world.

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Siblings can be very temperamental. One minute they are fine and the next they hate each other's guts. However, a good thing to do in order to help improve such a volatile relationship, is to have them share a room, especially during the early stages of growing up. Yes, some might say that it is better to give your children their own space, which is right to an extent. But giving them the chance to explore boundaries can be very beneficial later in life. Here are 10 great reasons for siblings to share a room.

10 It Gives Them Security 

One of the best things about siblings sharing a room is that it gives your kids the security that they often crave. By sharing a room, your kids will have the comfort of knowing that they are not alone, especially in the middle of the night. Plus, to make things even better, it is likely that one of your kids won't come into your bed once they wake up in the middle night... unless they both come tumbling in, of course.

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Nevertheless, siblings share a special sense of security that will influence their decisions when waking up in the middle of the night and give you the chance to gain an extra couple of hours shut-eye.

9 It Will Evolve Their Communication Skills

By sharing a room, your kids will have the chance for some alone time, and a place where they can tell each other about their day and a place where they can enjoy each other's company. Whether they are younger or older, having a shared bedroom will give them the opportunity to just be with one another, read, listen to music, or even just breathe the same air.

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Not only is this great for your children's communication development but it is also something that can help them when they are older and build the sort of communication skills that you need in the adult world.

8 It Can Be More Comfortable

Often, a shared bedroom can actually be much more comfortable, rather than isolated as a child's bedroom can sometimes be. Having your kids share a room can actually help them sleep better, with the presence of another person being a good way to learn to sleep through random and loud noises as they get older. Furthermore, a shared bedroom can also be aesthetically pleasing, given that both children are likely to have different personalities and interests, thus giving the bedroom its own unique appearance. In turn, this makes the bedroom more comfortable to be in with your kids wanting to spend time in their bedroom with each other, rather than resisting going to bed.

7 They Can Learn To Share

Sharing a bedroom can help your kids learn to share from an early age, something that can be extremely beneficial when they get older. Think about it. Your kids are likely to have different interests, something that will result in different toys, pieces of technology and even clothes.

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Therefore, there are probably going to be times when your kids will want to borrow things from each other, and probably times when they will borrow things from one another without asking. Again, these kinds of situations can help prepare your little ones for the world that awaits them, with learning to share up there with one of the most important.

6 It Can Help Foster Independence 

Believe it or not, sharing a bedroom can actually help your kids develop independence rather than restricting them. Yes, sharing a bedroom can help kids how to figure out how to navigate their own space while in an environment that consists of more than one person. In order to help this move along as smoothly as possible, make sure your kids have a special wall or place that they can individually decorate and design. As a result, not only will this assist in them becoming more independent but it can also help them develop a number of other personality traits such as confidence, optimistic and assertive.

5 No Headaches

Children sharing a bedroom can be beneficial for a number of reasons and really help your kids with regards to child development and learning new skills. However, more excitingly, it can also be beneficial to the parents. That's right, by having them share a room you will be less likely to hear screams of, "Mom, they are in my room again!" along with numerous other arguments related to sneaking into bedrooms without permission and everything else that goes with quarreling brothers and sisters. Not only will this give you fewer headaches but it will also contribute to a peaceful and pleasurable environment at home.

4 They Can Learn Respect

One of the most important skills a person needs to learn is how to respect themselves, and more importantly, how to be respectful to others. Mostly, it is the parent's job to instill this in their children, therefore it is important to give your kids the opportunity to learn such traits whenever and wherever they can.

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For instance, by sharing a room, your children can learn how to respect the space of others as well as being respectful towards their sibling's clothes, toys, and anything else that may belong to them. As a result, this is extremely beneficial to your kids as they get older and how they view the world and how the world views them.

3 It Helps Problem-Solving

Let's face it, siblings are going to fight, whether they are sharing a room or not. However, this isn't always a bad thing, and can actually be an advantage more than something that should be seen as negative. Think about it? By fighting, your kids will eventually have to make up and get over it.

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Therefore, it is likely that they will try to compromise or figure out a solution that is going to work and going to help them live in close proximity to one another. These problem-solving skills will also benefit their experiences as they get older, and will be much more likely to resolve arguments through compromise rather than confrontation.

2 It Gives You More Space

While most of the benefits of your kid's sharing a room may affect your children and their development, such a decision can also affect your family and how you manage your house. For instance, by putting your kids in the same room, it allows the family more space in the house and an extra room to use for other things that don't even have to be kids related. That's right, you could even have a no-kid zone, like an office or a guest room. Yes, a spare room can provide families with a whole host of exciting activities and entertainment and can really destress a busy household.

1 It Builds A Bond

There is no rule that your kids should be best friends. However, life sure is easier if they get on and want to spend time together. Furthermore, it can be one of the best feelings in the world to see how close your kids can be and to see how much they may rely on one another as people. It is likely that those who share a room are going to spend more time together than siblings who don't. Therefore, it is even more likely that they are going to create a special bond with one another as a result, more than those who don't share a room.

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