Short Wives And Tall Husbands Have The Happiest Marriages, Science Says

A study done by Kitae Sohn in the journal Personality and Individual Differences found that shorter women with taller men had happier marriages. The study, which was released in 2016, showed that women were happier with taller husbands, and that the bigger the difference in height, the happier the wife reported to be. This study was interesting because it also showed that this effect only seemed to last across the span of 18 years. After this point, reported happiness seemed to have no correlation with height.

Generally, women tend to be shorter than their husbands simply due to the fact that overall men tend to be taller. Of course, this isn't always the case, but it is common to have a relationship where the man is taller than the woman. There are different things that men and women tend to look for in romantic partners as well. From a biological standpoint, women typically look at indicators of being able to provide from their mates, whereas men look at other factors.

According to another study that was conducted by Rice University and the University of North Texas, height matters to women, as it acts as a signal of protection, and makes women feel more feminine. Some participants in their study stated that a taller man made them feel more secure, with some female respondents to their survey stating that they preferred to date men that were taller than they were.

There may be a variety of factors at play as to why wives with taller husbands are happier in their marriage. Attraction can be a mystery, with a lot of the reasons "why" happening in the background on a biological level. Studies have shown that men who are taller may be viewed more positively, with height being correlated with intelligence and the ability to earn more money. Like it or not, we humans make snap judgements based on a appearances all the time. it isn't always clear why we have those instinctive reactions, however innate biology most likely plays a huge role.

So if you have a relationship where your husband is taller than you, congratulations on your likely happiness! Enjoy it for the next 18 years.

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