Grab Your Husband A Pair Of Short Shorts Cause They're Back On Trend

Everything old is new again in the world of fashion, it seems. So far this year we've seen the resurgence of boot cut jeans and low rise jeans, and now it looks like short shorts are making a comeback! But put away your Daisy Dukes, because this time it's the men who get to show off their legs as they rock the new summer trend.

If we're to take our trend cues from fashion houses like Prada, Fendi, and Missoni, short shorts for men are going to be taking over this summer. Miuccia Prada, the head of the Prada fashion house, revealed that her new short shorts are like “miniskirts for men.” The fashion house even shared images of actor Jeff Goldblum wearing two different versions of the short short on their Instagram feed.

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Fendi has shared their own version of the look on their social media as well, earning over 20,000 likes.

Missoni revealed their own version of the short short, one that they have created in collaboration with Adidas and designed for athletic use, which may be more appealing for some men.

This new high fashion trend may not be for everyone. As TODAY reports, Prada's short shorts will cost you between $850 and $900! That's a lot of money to simply keep on trend. It's only a matter of time before mass retailers begin to produce their own version of the thigh revealing shorts so every man has the opportunity to show off their legs this summer.

The new trend towards shorter shorts has been evident for a while now. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote back in January about how basketball players are trending back towards shorter shorts. Basketball players have slowly transitioned from shorter shorts back in the 1980s to longer lengths, popularized by Michael Jordan, the paper points out. But now it seems that those who play are anxious to go short again. It seems that comfort and ease of movement are driving forces in why many are choosing to go short.

“I just feel so much better with these,” said Kyree Hairston-Mitchell, a junior guard at Penn Hills who wears his shorts at mid-thigh. “I don’t really like baggy shorts. Some of the guys have mentioned to me how short mine are, but this is how I like it.”

Local sporting goods company owner Tim Fogarty confirmed that athletic shorts are getting shorter too, due to the demand from athletes. “The shorter shorts are definitely coming back,” Fogarty told the paper, “because the manufacturers listened to the athletes the past couple years.”

He even mentioned that major athletic gear companies like Nike and Under Armour have listened and are changing their designs. “All the manufacturers have taken at least two inches off the length of the shorts in the past two years,” he added.

It seems that short shorts are going to be everywhere this summer season for men, from high fashion to everyday street wear, whether people like it or not.

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