Girl Writes Letter To Santa Clause Asking For A Kidney For Her Brother

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The holidays are a really magical time. People are filled with love and compassion, and everyone gets into the giving spirit. One of the best parts of the holidays, for kids and adults, has got to be the magic of Santa Claus. Even if your kids no longer believe, they still play along, right? But for little ones who believe with their whole heart that Santa is real, it's particularly special. They write their lists, their behavior suddenly improves ten fold, and they wait all month for the night when the Big Guy visits their home while they're sleeping. It's just so innocent and sweet! Some kids ask Santa for toys, or pets, or new boots. And some kids take the opportunity to ask for something that would change their life or the lives of their loved ones. One little girl in North Carolina wrote Santa a letter asking for something really, really important, and it's times like these when we wish he was real and could make her wish come true.

Shelly Thomas, a Lowe's store manager in Franklin, North Carolina, shared the heartbreaking letter on Facebook. See, Lowe's has Santa mailboxes where kids can drop their letters to the North Pole, and Shelly stumbled across this letter while sorting through them. It was written by a little girl named Kaitlyn, and all she wants from Santa is a new kidney for her big brother.

***Update: People, FoxNews, Yahoo and multiple media outlets and TV stations across the country are running the...

Posted by Shelly Thomas on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The whole letter is just heartbreaking and so unbelievably sweet. In the letter, Kaitlyn says she knows that some people don't believe in Santa, but that all she wants this year is for her brother to get a kidney transplant. It's written in crayon, in that adorable chicken scratch handwriting that young kids have. There's is no other information in the letter, but once Shelly read it, she knew she had to find out who Kaitlyn and her family were.

She shared the letter on her Facebook page, saying that the company would like to find the family and get in contact with them to find out how they can help and provide support. It's been shared from her page over 900 times, and been picked up and given major national media coverage from PEOPLE to Fox News. Hopefully, someone comes forward with information about Kaitlyn and her family, and we're crossing our fingers that her letter results in some sort of Christmas miracle for her brother.

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