Shay Mitchell Opens Up About Wearing Diapers During Pregnancy

Pretty Little Liars and You star Shay Mitchell revealed at the beginning of last month that she was expecting a baby with longtime love Matte Babel. The actress also announced she would be documenting her pregnancy on her YouTube channel in a series titled Almost Ready. Mitchell is being completely open and honest in this series and recently revealed that she has resorted to wearing diapers during her pregnancy because she has to pee so much, something many women can relate to!

In a hilarious video posted on Wednesday, the expectant mom reveals that she has had to resort to wearing disposable undergarments thanks to her bladder working overtime during her pregnancy. "You want to see something?" Mitchell asked her friends as she arrived for a wardrobe fitting in the video. "Honestly guys, I've never known that somebody could pee as much as you do when you're pregnant. I swear to God, in a half an hour, I went to the bathroom probably about 22 times last night, to the point where I was like, 'I'm f---ing wearing diapers.'"

Mitchell then unzipped her jeans to reveal that she was, in fact, wearing an adult disposable diaper, much to the shock of her friends! "I am literally wearing a full-on f--king diaper because it gets so annoying going to the bathroom all the time," she said.

Credit: YouTube / Shay Mitchell Almost Ready

Mitchell's stylist, Monica Rose, who has three children herself, was shocked when Mitchell proved she wasn't exaggerating about the lengths she had gone to thanks to her overactive bladder. "I've never seen that in my life, and I've had three kids," Rose exclaimed.

Credit: YouTube / Shay Mitchell Almost Ready

"I'm wearing a full-on diaper, OK? This isn't even an ad for Depends," Mitchell added. "This is a full-on diaper. Because I can't." The actress, who is still working, commented that with the set she was working on being so far away from the bathrooms, she had to do what made her comfortable.

Rose asked if she actually used the garment to relieve herself and Mitchell said she definitely did. "I peed myself," she admitted. "I got a couple good times and I had to throw it out. I'm not doing it. You know, I'm having to pee way too much. It's just like, I'm over it."

For her part, Rose admitted that she wished she knew about using the disposable garments when she was pregnant. While Mitchell often looks glamorous in her pregnancy photoshoots, it's refreshing to hear a celebrity reveal the not-so-glamorous moments of pregnancy that women have to deal with. Maybe more pregnant women will discover the comfort and relief of adult diapers now too!

Check out Mitchell showing off her diapers in the video below.

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