Shay Mitchell And Boyfriend Disagree About Using An Epidural During Labor

Most women spend a lot of time thinking about giving birth. After all, it's kind of the endgame when it comes to pregnancy. It's only natural to have an idea of what you would like to happen in the delivery room. Epidurals can be absolute godsends in the peak of labor, but they aren't without their risks. Now, Pretty Little Liars alum Shay Mitchell has revealed that she and her boyfriend, Matte Babel have different views on the subject. According to PEOPLE, the 32-year-old actress and influencer sat down with Babel in a video uploaded to her YouTube channel.

"I've been thinking a lot about this birth plan and I feel like we need to be more on the same page with this," says Mitchell, who is expecting her first child. "You say no epidural, I say epidural," Babel admits that he's more partial to no epidural because he personally doesn't like drugs. He also says his mom didn't use one, and he meets women "all the time who didn't choose to use epidurals."

Mitchell goes on to argue that an epidural is no different than having anesthesia before having dental work done. "Would you get a root canal without drugs? You're in excruciating pain and I'm holding the medicine like this and I'm like, 'You can have it and it wouldn't do any harm, but you don't want it. Do you want to be a fighter? Fight through it.'" The discussion heats up when Babel says her comparison isn't fair as women are "genetically engineered to give birth." The star is due to give birth to her daughter in early October, after revealing the pregnancy in June.

Should men be allowed to have an opinion?

While there's no doubt that couples can discuss options when it comes to birthing plans, many women feel like the final say should be down to them. "The criterion for whether we are doing our jobs as women 'correctly' - and, yes, it's a job - is more often than not how many of our own wants and needs we are putting aside," says Jessie Klein in a telling New York Times article titled Get the Epidural. "No one ever asks a man if he’s having a “natural root canal.” No one ever asks if a man is having a 'natural vasectomy.'”

On the flip side, some men encourage their wives to have an epidural. One man asked for help in a community forum, as his wife wouldn't consider the procedure. "I say she should get one," he explained. "She wants totally natural. She had no drugs with our other one but was in complete pain...I really want her to have one and make it semi more relaxing."

Babel and Mitchell may have seemingly sparked a very worthy debate. What do you think?

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