A Hospital Is Dressing Up Newborns In Baby Shark Onesies For Shark Week

There is something about Shark Week on the Discovery Channel that makes everyone get a little extra. Right? We are seeing drinks, deserts, and even full meals that people are creating, completely dedicated to a full week of learning about some of the most feared creatures on the planet. However, things are getting a little extra cray cray this year because we have something called Baby Shark on our brains, too.

And this Ohio hospital is loving every second of it. (And so are we, if we're being honest here.)

Credit: The Christ Hospital Health Network

With Shark Week officially beginning last Sunday and continuing through August 3rd, every baby born at The Christ Hospital Health Network in Cincinnati will get a free, limited edition Baby Shark onesie and boy are they cute!

The above photo is of Emily Thomas, one of the babies born at The Christ Hospital Health Network from Sunday, July 28 -- Saturday, August 3 and loving her first Baby Shark experience, obviously.

Nope, you did not read wrong. Every baby born from July 28th through August 3rd will be dressed in these adorable onesies that will have you wishing that Shark Week was every week.

But the fun doesn't stop there!

For the full Baby Shark experience, and it truly is an experience, a special Snapchat filter has been activated at The Christ Hospital's Mt. Auburn and Liberty Township birthing centers, as well as Newport Aquarium.

Senior marketing consultant, Bo McMillan, at The Christ Hospital Health Network, told CNN the hospital has been giving out special edition onesies for about a year. "We typically pick a holiday in a specific month and give out onesies on that day or the weekend of the holiday," McMillan said. "This is the first time we've done it for a full week."

So far, the hospital has given out 75 onesies to new arrivals and are predicting that at least 150-175 more babies will be born by August 3.

If you don't live locally to the hospital, it might just be worth it to travel to give birth there just to be a part of this Shark Week celebration.

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