Yes, I Wear Shapewear & It Makes Me Feel Good About Myself

There are days when I want my belly to look a little smoother and a lot less protruding. The reality is, I have a flat midsection in the morning, and then look three months pregnant by the end of the day. In my experience, shapewear has proved to be a better alternative to many other solutions out there. Occasionally, liquid fasting is part of my experience, but that’s beside the point.

While shapewear enhances my curves and makes me feel skinnier, it has also been a significant part of my journey to happiness and wholesomeness. The thing I like most about shapewear is that it provides posture support. A firm posture has been the difference between feeling tall and confident, verses slumping and not feeling great. The firm compression that supports my torso also improves my posture. I have to say that I enjoy taking photos more often now, and spending time with photographers these days is nothing short of delightful.

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Another thing is that I, now, know the kind of body I desire for myself. Shapewear does not, and has not, made significant contributions towards my weight loss goals. It does, however, complement them by reinforcing my workouts. My tummy-tucker triggers thermal activity underneath my skin which, in turn, increases heat which results in sweaty workouts. Sweaty workouts are effective workouts. In a way, I could say that shapewear is a motivational piece of clothing.

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Furthermore, I'm the only person who knows when I have shapewear on. That's because the slimming garments are practically invisible underneath my clothes. As a result, I enjoy being able to move freely and staying comfortable in a fabulous outfit, without the not-so-flattering parts of my body showing. Thanks to shapewear, I love experimenting with different styles of clothing. Regardless of the occasion, my secret is to look stunning without others knowing how you did it.

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Don't get me wrong. I'm not obsessing over physical beauty. I know that inner beauty also adds to the measure of a woman's allure. It's attractive, when a lady has a figure that matches her inner beauty! To avoid drawing attention to my abs, or lack thereof, waist cinchers have done wonders in taking care of my midsection bulges. Sometimes people will tend to look at a person’s waistline, if heshe has a protruding tummy. I believe, that automatically takes away from a person's other charming aspects of themselves.

I've had people ask me when I started wearing shapewear. My simple answer has been, “The day I started thinking of looking slimmer!” My decision had nothing to do with age. I just wanted to slip back into my size 12 outfits. I have a lot of love for my body, and I like it when my clothes fit me nicely. To that end, the decision to start using shapewear was a perfect excuse to expand my wardrobe, as well as to don various types of clothing.

There are so many shapewear options, that picking just one becomes a task. That explains why I have several types of shapewear, ranging from body briefs to saree shapewear. I like to wear body briefs more often, because they resemble my everyday panty. I love how they smooth out my lower abdomen to make it look flattering. I experience better days when I add camisoles to the body briefs. The camisoles help to minimize flab, and they lift the bust.

When the occasion calls for ethnic outfits like sarees and longer skirts, I go for my saree shapewear. The saree shapewear smooths out my waist, hips, back, and thighs; giving my body a mermaid shape. With so many available options for shapewear, I have no reason to throw my wardrobe out and/or cancel important occasions.

However, shapewear is not a long-term solution to belly fat. Whereas shapewear flatters my body, it cannot permanently shape my body. With that knowledge, I incorporate healthy eating and exercise, even as I continue to use shapewear, as part of my long-term weight loss plan.

I feel good about my shapewear garments, which support my intended goals. I continue to use the garments wisely. Besides, what's not to love about a leaner figure or a slimmer waistline?

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