Couple Adopts Son's Biological Sister After His Birth Mom Gets Pregnant Again

Shanna and Joseph Weight of Elk Ridge were married nine years before the couple welcomed their first child, son Milo. Shanna, who said being a dancer had given her some pretty serious body image issues that made the idea of pregnancy for her quite daunting, told Inside Edition that she and Joseph decided the best way for them to become parents was through adoption. They contacted an agency and five years ago they adopted Milo, who was born to an 18-year-old woman who simply wasn't in the position to be a mother.

Two years ago the couple welcomed a biological son they named Nash, and felt their family was complete. That is until they were contacted and told that Milo's biological mother was expecting a baby girl, and they were asked if they were interested in expanding their family once more.

“My first thought was like, ‘We can’t do this,’” Shanna told Inside Edition. “I was in utter shock,” she said. “We were not financially prepared at all to adopt a baby.”She said the couple decided to pray on it stating, “if she was supposed to come home with us, all the other stuff doesn’t matter and it will work itself out.”

The mother of three explained that Milo, who happened to hear about his little sister, was all in favor. “He heard the conversation my husband had over the phone ... and he was jumping up and down, he was so excited,” Shanna said. “He was determined from the beginning that we were going to take them home. There was no doubt in his mind where she should be.”

Shanna had kept in touch with Milo's birth mother over the years. “We send letters and pictures every couple of months and she has written us back,” Shanna said. “We do have a good relationship with her and just think the world of her that she was able to be so selfless and just allow us to be parents.”

She said before her new baby girl, Onni, was born, the birth mother came for a visit, wanting to give birth close to the Weights. “[Milo] was really excited to meet her and she was so sweet with him and just told us how grateful she was and she thought we had done such a good job with Milo and that she was so happy we had decided to take Onni,” Shanna said. “She felt really good that they would be together with a family that she felt comfortable with.”

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I read this blog post today by Karin Cyprinao entitled, “I hate accepting help but I need it.” And I can totally relate! Since we adopted Onni I have had to have more help than at any other time in my life and I keep feeling like that is somehow making me a less worthy mom. I am very grateful for the help and have had to really work on letting go of my pride and accept it graciously when it’s offered to me. Here are some of my favorite parts from the article, “I hate accepting help. Note that I didn’t say I don’t need help. I need help all day every day...But accepting it is incredibly hard for me. I feel a strong need to be this fictional supermom people talk about. When the cashier at the grocery store asks me if I need help out to my car I’m all 'Help? No, why would you even ask such a thing!'- as my 5-year-old is attempting to steal candy bars, my baby is vomiting down the back of my shirt, and I pretend like I'm keeping it all together. Because the simple truth is that no one has it all together. We assume that accepting assistance somehow subtracts from our 'momness'. I’m slowly and painfully learning that is anything but the truth-that needing other people is human. No one is meant to do this parenting thing alone. Reaching out to your spouse or family or church or neighbors is how we are meant to do life. I’m retiring from my “mom island” and refusing to pretend I am a one woman birthing, nursing, working, cleaning, cooking, butt wiping superpower. I will make my mantra, “I am not wonder woman, but I can do the important things.” I will bring store-bought cookies to the party and not feel bad about it. I will accept the help that is offered to me instead of egotistically pushing it away. I will offer whatever I can, even if that is just a text of encouragement to my other exhausted mommy friends. Just because we are capable of doing this alone does not mean that we are supposed to. Mom on, y’all.” #theyogaventure #accepthelp #begracious #dogood #loveyourchildren #begrateful #behumble #yogamom #momof3 #service

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Shanna said that their family is now complete with Onni and they love their family of five. “Milo and Onni look so much alike – they have so many similarities, and Nash looks so much like me and has a lot of my personality,” Shanna said. “I know that as they grow up and become teenagers, things are probably going to change and we’ll have to deal with some issues of being a mixed-race family, but as of so far, it’s been wonderful.”

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