This Dad Made A Report Card To Cheer Up Child With Autism Upset About Poor Grades

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There's nothing like a heartwarming story about a dad doing the right thing to turn your week around, you know? School can be a stressful time for parents. It can be even more stressful for parents of kids with learning disabilities, or those on the autism spectrum. You know how amazing your child is, and you see all of their accomplishments and potential. But there's always that lump in your throat that comes when others don't see what you see, or are bound to grade your child on the same curve as neurotypical children.

A father of a 10-year-old girl on the autism spectrum did the sweetest thing, after his daughter was upset by the grades she received in her report card. Seriously, this is A+ dad skills.

Shane Jackson lives with his family on the island state of Tasmania. His daughter Sophie brought home her report card, and cried because she received all D's. Shane says that she cried when she thought she had let everyone down, which just breaks our hearts! Shane says Sophie tries so hard, and although she loves her teacher and Shane appreciates the support from her school, he wanted to do something to make her feel better. So he graded Sophie on all the things that make her wonderful, and gave her a new report card.

Luckily for her family, Sophie seems to excel at some pretty awesome stuff! She pulled straight A's on Shane's report card. Sophie is VERY good at loving dogs, being funny, fighting with the boys (go, Sophie!), and drawing and making robots. Even better, she got A+'s in being imaginative and being the best daughter ever. The reactions on Twitter, where Shane shared the report card, are amazing.

Someone asked to see one of Sophie's drawings, and Shane was kind enough to share one.

That is outstanding! But the best part was when Sophie decided to create and share her own report card, grading Shane on being a dad.

Hmmmm, a C in wrestling?! The A+ for making her a Twitter account just cracked us up. But that A+ for being the best dad ever made Shane's day, we're sure. Great job, dad! And amazing work, Sophie! Keep it up!

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