Mom Teaches Her Kids About Money Using A Genius Method

Shaketha McGregor, a mom on a mission to teach her children about money management, has come up with a genius idea to hold her children accountable for how they earn and spend the allowance that she gives them.

In an attempt to encourage her kids to take ownership of their home chores and duties, the single mom from Georgia created a hiring event for her kids which included job applications, job descriptions and interview.

McGregor shared the idea on her Facebook on Tuesday, and it has since gone viral and has received lots of praise from parents around the country.

The idea came about after noticing that her children: Jahkeem, 13, Takeia, 10, and Serinity, 6 were more conscientious of how they spent money when it was ‘theirs’ or money that they had earned on their own. McGregor, a Corrections officer said the idea came to her after a recent shopping excursion with her kids. McGregor told TODAY Parents, “I gave then each a few bucks and said, ‘Spend it any way you want. It was different than me buying them something. They were suddenly checking prices. I noticed that they were more cautious, because it was their money. They wanted to save.”

The change in her their behavior about how they spent their ‘own’ money created excitement in McGregor. “I started to think of ways I could teach them about credit and how to budget their time.” This led to McGregor holding interviews where her kids had to interview for different roles and positions that her children could strive to compete for such as: kitchen manager, lead housekeeper and laundry supervisor.

Credit: Facebook / Shaketha Marion McGregor

According to TODAY, both Jahkeem and Serinity applied for lead housekeeper, but her daughter Serinity was better suited for the position, and has recently signed her new hire packet. “Serinity said she could start right away and my 13-year-old needed a few days because he wanted to hang out with his friends. She was far more professional.” According to a photo on McGregor’s Facebook, the youngest daughter Takeia will be on laundry duty which also includes a task of making sure the bathroom always has clean towels and washcloths.

McGregor has received lots of praise with one commenter posting, “Parenting Win!!!” Another added, “I love this. Not only are you teaching them responsibility and money management, but you are giving them an awesome memory!”

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