Mom Reminds Us Why We Need to Put Aside Insecurities And Take Those Photos

If you're a parent, then you likely have an entire album on your phone filled with pictures of your kids. Now that the camera capabilities of smart phones have gotten so good, we all take tons of pictures everyday! We're able to document their daily lives in a way that our parents weren't, since whipping out your phone and snapping a cute pic is so easy now. Then there are all the ACTUAL photos we have - professional family shoots, school photos, the list goes on. Our kids are going to be able to look back and basically relive nearly every single day of their childhoods, and that is pretty amazing.

But if you were to scroll through your camera roll, out of allllllll those pictures of your kids, how many are you in? How often do you selfie with your kids, or ask someone to take your picture with them? How many of the amazing memories WITH YOU are they going to be able to look back on in 5-10 years? We are experts at taking pictures of our kids, but we could all do better at getting in front of the camera ourselves. This post from plus-size blogger, influencer, and mom Shaina Harrison is a good reminder that our insecurities shouldn't keep us from living life with our kids, on and off camera.

Shaina shared this absolutely adorable picture of her with her son. But it's her caption that really hits home. Shaina said that her mother's death really emphasized the importance of taking pictures with her child. After her mom died, Shaina realized she didn't have very many pictures of the two of them together.

Her mother suffered from addiction, which changed her appearance during different stages of her life. Shaina regrets that she doesn't have more pictures of how she remembers her mom as a child. She cherishes the photos she does have, but wants her son to have lots and lots of photos their time together, through all their life stages.

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Take pictures with your kids. Any time, and all the time. They don't care what you're wearing, if you have makeup on. They don't care how big or small you were in that moment, or that the angles of the photo aren't "your best". Take candid photos and professional photos. Ask friends and family members and strangers to snap a pic of you together. Document not just their lives, but your life with them. They will treasure every single photo they have of you one day.

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