This Shadow Drawing Project Is Perfect For Entertaining Your Kids This Summer

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Summer break is both an amazing and incredibly confusing time for moms everywhere. We are constantly in a quandary between embracing the no routines, no schedules, no morning alarms thing and dealing with having the kids home, arguing and asking for snacks all day long. It's an endless battle, but one thing is for certain: we want them to spend as much time outdoors as possible and away from those screens. Right? Yes! This shadow drawing project is seriously just the thing to keep the kids entertained - for real.

If you're looking to build up your list of activities to keep your kids entertained over summer break, this shadow drawing activity should honestly be at the top. It's so cool you might even want to join in on the fun, too.

Shadow drawing should be done outside, but we're sure there is a hack you can set up inside for rainy days, and involved the sweet sunshine, your kiddos favorite stuffed animals, paper and whichever drawing utensils are your favorite. See? It doesn't even require you to run to the store to by extra supplies. You wouldn't find anything easier on Pinterest.

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You simply need to make sure that the subjects (animals or anything else really that your kids are yearning to draw) are in the sun and casting a shadow onto the paper for them to trace — and there you have it! Fun for all!

This genius idea was first posted about on the Te Puna Facebook page and we're loving the creative element that this fun project brings for kids. There's seriously nothing quite like a summer bonding session with your kids outdoors - even our favorite celebrity families love this idea.

Britney Spears recently shared on Instagram how she get's her boys outdoors to paint together on sunning days and shared how therapeutic of an experience it is for them.

Kendra Wilkinson likes to get out and be active with her kids, taking them to places like Six Flags and to play sports with friends and family.

We all had a great time today at Six Flags. My bff and our babies. ❤️🎢

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Kim Kardashian even posted a picture of her and her family hiking in Wyoming and enjoying the fresh air together.


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I think that all parents, celeb or not, can agree that getting out kids outdoors as much as possible is the right way to go!

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